Getting supplies/closet ready for 1st grow!!! Supply HELP

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  1. Here's a list of all the stuff I need or already have. Can someone tell me what I need to add here or what I'm missing? I'm just trying to make sure I have everything I need to get started...I think right now the biggest things are my soils/nutrients. I'm not sure what kind i need. But if someone can help me look over this and tell me what you think!! :smoke:

    supplies list:

    grow lights:
    -1 400w HPS / MH

    grow box inside closet:
    -dimentions - 5-6'h x 3-4w x 3-4d
    -mylar, got 50'
    -home depot light, cheap insulating foam (not sure if this is a good idea with the heat from the lamp???)
    -sealant for the cracks/edges
    -something to keep the edges together
    -possibly pvc as a frame?? or just foam as the frame/sides
    -need 2 fans for in/out air ventilation in box
    -need 1-2 fans inside box for flight air flow on plants

    dryer exhaust hose:
    -1-2 hoses... what size??

    ONA nuetralizer setup:
    -5gallon bucket,
    -small fan (for bucket),
    -ONA (,
    -1 lb of soil salt (local)

    carbon scrubber???:
    -not sure if i need with the ONA stuff......

    -party cups for germination
    -4 3gallon growing pots for transplant

    -Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil $20


    -ph meter or ph strips
  2. I suggest that you don't go soil, she is one dirty bitch and watering gets old really quickly. I suggested that if it's your first grow go hydro. It's a little harder to set up but it will save you so much time in the long run. Green man grow on utube is very helpful. Hope your grow goes very well but don't expect to much on your first grow. :hello:
  3. Thanks for the replay...but it's a little off topic haha...I just want to start out with soil for start.

    Do you know about which soils/nutrients I need?? or can you comment on the other stuff?
  4. I disagree completely. Soil is the perfect place to learn the basics. Its much more forgiving than hydro. Once you get a couple of grows under your belt, then venture into hydro. The FF soil is a good choice, and look at General Hydroponics or another well known name for a nutrient line, there are quite a few out there. As far as your box, are you talking about using a PVC frame with foam walls? That probably won't be solid enough. Check out some of the cheap, DIY box plans on the net.
  5. Can you tell me the actual nutrients I should use? I will be growing WW, ICE.

    Why would it not be sturdy enough? There wont be anything heavy hanging on it? My concern with this box isn't the sturdiness as much as it is the material i'm it OK to use the foam insulation i found at home depot? i just want to make sure its ok to use (won't catch fire, won't retain heat to much, etc....) any thoughts??
  6. would be either pvc frame with the foam on the sides (air tight except for in/out exhaust)


    use no pvc at all and just make the whole damn thing otu of the insulation stuff....

    The reason I thought of using this is because it's so damn light, cheap, and would be easy to put together. Thoughts?
  7. not giving a plug for fox farm or anything but if your using thier soil might as well use their nutes. Grow big and bloom big one bottle each will do it. hope this helps.
  8. Is that ALL the nutes I will need for the entire grow? I know if I clone I need that stuff to dip into...but essential nutes, that's all I need, nothing else? I would like to know everything so I can order it in 1 shot and not do shipping 2 or 3 times...

    I thought when I make the soil at first I could use or need to mix stuff with the soil (for instance like Light Warrior or perlite)??

    What other nutes would greatly help the plants and aren't to complex for 1st time grower.

    thanks again!
  9. the only thing you need to mix the soil with is like pearlite.50/50. the foxfarm soil has enough nutrients in it to last for a while, and when you need more nutrients youll mix them in the water and feed them that way.
  10. I've never use the FF myself, but I've heard good things. You could probably mix some vermiculite or perlite in it if you want to, but it won't be super necessary. FFOF comes with nutes in it so for the first month or so you probably won't need any others. After that you can give it the fox farms grow nute and when you start flowering give it bloom nutes, I personally use fox farms tiger bloom and big bloom or something. Get a ph meter, a good digital one, and some ph up and ph down, those will be super helpful throughout the entire grow. Other than that I think everything sounds good, are you planning on 4 plants at a time I assume since you said 4 pots? good luck

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