Getting super paranoid when I smoke

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  1. I have smoked for over a year now and just the past few times I have smoked I have gotten super paranoid. I realize your heart beats faster when you smoke that is just a natural thing but when that happens I start focusing on it and it makes my heart beat even faster because I get worried about it. Then before too long I end up in a panos attack feeling like I'm about to have a heart attack. I actually have an app for heart rate monitoring on my phone and it read 170 when I checked it This is very annoying because I'm just trying to have a good time and now that I get paranoid like this most the time when I smoke it makes it hard. How can I stop this?

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  2. The heart rate app is retarded. You are having sativa dominant bud. I use to think I loved sativa but always cranked up my anxiety. Now I only smoke indica dominant and it has helped so much.

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    Besides it being a sativa dom strain you are smoking, the buds may also be prematurely harvested (clear trichomes rather than milky/amber) which is another way of inducing panic attacks due to the racy, completely in the head type of high such buds give off.

    Also, if you are putting yourself in paranoid situations while smoking up that may also add to the dilemma. Lay low off the smokes for a bit then when you do toke again take it very easy and try and source some indica smokes if possible. All the best.

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  4. Thank you guys for this I'll definitely try taking a break for a while

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