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  1. Sup Peeps, since my old bong got broken when my friend ran over it with his car ( different story ) I need a new one so I was wondering if anyone knew a good website to buy some cheap ones of.

    Some of my friends bought off dinodirect and it got through customs but they said they were water pipes for tobacco and they let them through, so I don't know.

    Any suggestions would be great!

    Regards, Jesse
  2. I can tell you that pretty much every bong you buy overseas WILL go through customs. They all say its for tobacco use only.

    Obviously, you can use the store on this site, or here is one Australian one that I once bought one off and it arrived within 2 days:
    AGUNG Bongs :: Quality Bongs, Pipes & Smoking Accessories Online Store Australia
    They dont have the biggest selection out there but I am sure you will find something.

    Otherwise, check Offyatree!
    OFF YA TREE - Bongs & Waterpipes - Buy BONGS - Cones - Band Merch - Clothing - Shoes - Incense - Belt Buckles - Smoking Paraphernalia - Bongs - Lighters - Chambers
  3. iv gotten multiple from grasscity, off ya tree and smoke mart selll bongs to with the glass/metal combo but im not a fan, there good for papers and shiz though
  4. Yeah cheers guys, I'm so tempted to buy one of GC. Had my eye on that Jar Jar Binks one :3
  5. So what about GC? Has anyone had any experience buying from them?

    I sent an email to support but they haven't answered the question.
  6. I ordered a pipe off GC a couple of weeks ago, took just under 2 weeks to get here. Its just a normal parcel, dont worry, it doesnt have a hemp logo on it if thats your concern haha:cool:
    GC is generally very reliable.

  7. I bought from them

  8. Alright thanks. Also what did you order?
  9. It's a small metal pipe that looks like a torchlight :) too lazy to find the link right now:D
  10. awesome is there anyway to put anything on top of it cos i might be at uni when it arrives and i don't want my parents to open it :3
  11. hmm dont think so, at least not on GC. Do your parents normally open your mail? I was scared of that too but they shouldnt really open your mail, technically its illegal.
  12. Yeah but my mum does clean my room out sometimes when i chill at my friends for the night. Ill just ship to my next to neighbor.

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