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Getting stopped on a bike?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Italia5239, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I recently moved to Tampa, well, a bit outside of Tampa really, and I enjoy taking daily bike rides for the exercise and the scenery as well. I ride along the edges of the canal most of the time, and today I decided to take a doobster with me and smoke it out in on a little area with some nice steps that people don't typically venture down into.

    I don't care if someone comes up or comes around and smells the weed, I have cigarette papers, so if anyone in question looks at me, nuh uh, this is a cigarette. Anyway, I turned down some street, and there was just a cop chillin at a four way stop sign. I was jamming on my music (Moby) and bobbin my head signin along. Well, I turned left to continue to the canal path I ride on, and I'll be damned if I didn't see flashing blue and red lights coming from behind me half way down that street.

    Cop pulls up next to me, and says;

    Cop: "What's up"
    Me: "Not I getting pulled over on a bike?"
    Cop: "Just seeing what you're up to, seemed like you were swervin a bit back there."

    (At this point I'm like, this cop has got to have something wrong with him or something. I don't look anything like someone who does drugs and I certainly did not look inebriated)

    Me: "Just jamming to the music, out for a ride on a nice day."
    Cop: "Alrighty, have a good day."

    I was like, wtf dude. I've been busted before, and I did not need that shit. What kind of fucking cop pulls you over for swerving on a bike in broad day light..There could have been a god damn frog in the road for all he knew.

    Well reguardless, I continued on and met some cute girl in the park with her doggy, and we ended up going out to the spot together and getting us and her dog high.

    Ever had a cop fuck with you for no apparent reason?
  2. hahahah dude here in florida, a bicycle is defined as a "vehicle" and its operator a "driver" if a cop sees you swervin around on your bike, he can stop you for DUI check

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