Getting Stoned With My Dad Lol

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Beatle420, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. So I got stoned with my dad for the first time ever. He never smokes but he hit the pipe like a champ and started trippin after lol. Anyways, have u guys ever smoked with your dad?
  2. ALL the time mannn. We hit vape bags whenever im home and smoke joints/bowls at my camp. Can't wait for finals to end and to go home(with a OZ+ of philly dank) for summer. 
  3. Mine took me to a head shop when i was 17 and bought me a bong which we smoked down with for the first time..he also grew with me and drove me to cali for a few lbs lol
  4. Sounds like you guys have stoner dads. My dad had never smoked man. He's a very heavy drinker but he never smokes
  5. Yea mine was always a stoner so that helped
  6. Its kind of interesting in my house because both my parents smoke but we never speak of it. For years we have both known that the other party smoked, and my mom has even asked me to help her find some before. Just recently though I smoked with my mom for the 1st time ever, she just randomly handed me her bowl and a lighter one day lol as for my dad, my friends have somehow smoked with him but I havent.
  7. My mother married her dealer, and yet I've never smoked with either parent. How is that even possible? :wacko:
  8. smoked with my mom she'll smoke with me maybe once every 6 months when she's super stressed. one night i got my mom and stepdad(considered as my real dad) to hit the blunt a couple times its was so funny and weird seein them smoke good times though
  9. Yeahh, my dad was a 100% against weed until i showed him a couple documentries. We watched "The Union" "Green rush" shit like that. I got him to get a legal marijuana prescript. Now both of us are legal blazers hah

    We don't smoke together often tho..shamee


  10. Till today my parents keep away from weeds or any like that
  11. I smoke with both my parents, pretty much every time I see them.
    I remember being a young teen, hiding in my bedroom with 2 fans on, blowing the smoke through the window, while my mother was in her bedroom doing the same.. haha
  12. I smoked with my mother for the first time on my wedding day. We smoked a few times after that, but she preferred her alcohol....and it killed her at 59. I'm almost 66 and only use alcohol on occasion.
    Dad never smoked with me, but didn't mind if I lit one up in front of him. His only comment on my toking was that my pot smelled a lot better than my brother's pot! (David is fond of skunky weed. lol)
    My brother and I always light one up when we are in the same town - I'm in Northern California, he's central Oregon. We get together about every other year, but we talk on the phone, too. 
  13. My dad and I always blaze. I made a huge bong out of a vegas cup onceand he hit it right before we went to McDonalds with my grandparents. He passed out at the mickey Ds lol, didn't even touch his food.
  14. I was blazin with my uncle once and my dad hasnt taken a hit since the early 1990s. So he took one hit of our joint and was sleepy and hungry

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