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getting stoned off my homegrown white widow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by myles117, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. hey GC, just thought I'd take some pics of my weed and walk ya thru the hit. Enjoy, the trichs on this weed are fuckin thick and coat it :D The grinder is aluminum and is super light and durable. I love the thing :smoke:

    the kief thats been building up for about a month :hello: savin this for a rainy day, not goin on this bowl :eek:

    bong before rip

    widow before the tobasso is added
    bowl with camel number nine tobacco sprinkled on to increase overall affect

    fully milked after burning half the bowl

    hope you guys enjoyed it :smoke:
  2. damn some of the strains in ur sig are crazy, haha i havent heard of half of them.
  3. Nice, man. You should pick up a dry sift box if you like kief and grow your own. Or a tumbler.
  4. Why not show some pics of some nugs? You can't even tell when it's ground up...
  5. why don't you hop into my grow journal and go to page 47 :D
    you shall see the widow nugs :smoke:
  6. Did you mean tobasco sauce?:rolleyes:
  7. haha cuz that'd feel greatttttt lol :rolleyes: I like to see if the high can overcome the burning and that tells me the weed is dank ;)
  8. actually, i kinda jizzed at the ground up bud, cose it looks so dankkkkkkkk. nice milk on that bong too. +rep

    WhiteWidow for life :D def my fav. strain
  9. Really you do that too? I thought I was the only person that loved the taste of weed. But, the burn of coke in the back of my throat. :rolleyes:

    Where in the Northeast did you find that?
  10. where'd I find the bud? Its my own homegrown. I've had that widow in my garden for over 3 years now. Its a crwzy strain and you never build tolerene to it. :smoke: I get just as baked each session as I did the first time I hit it.
  11. Deal!

    Update: Oh My God... Thats some good pot hahaha
  12. Wow man that WW looks hella good an trichy.

    But wow 3 years growing that, u must really enjoy ur self. lol

    HAPPY TOKIN:smoke:
  13. o man, I'm livin life! You should check out what i got goin in my grow journal, got some k-trains which are amazing and started up some chiesel and church a week and a half ago :eek:
  14. I mean where in the Northeast are you from? Maybe we can smoke some tobasco sauce sometime. :rolleyes:
  15. i agree 100%. i smoke regularly everyday, maybe 3 times average a day. every time i do pick up white widow, i get faded as fuck.

    also checked out the buds in your journal ^^

    I'm so jealous
  16. im in MA but I havent met up wit ppl from da city. I'd love to but as a grower, if i ever met the wrong person who wasn't really some kool stoner wanting to smoke up i'd be fuckedd. Man I wish this stuff was legal so it wasnt surrounded by such stupid risks :(
  17. hey there again myles, looks like you've been doing good, haha. did you ever see the lemon diesel I picked up awhile back? that ww looks so yummy, I still have yet to try it, ...i'll take a bowl to go with a little kief dust . :smoke: good to see you again man. +rep
  18. I know what you mean. I'm also from MA but where I am its all sour d, no name dank, or beasters. I think its pathetic but shit happens. I kind of wish that more rec smokers weren't thinking so negatively. Yamean?
  19. the buds in your journal are REDICULOUS, makes me want to grow so badly
  20. when the situations right, you will get to grow. It really sucks when you don't have a safe location. :(

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