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Getting stoned before Statue of liberty MASCOT AUDITION

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. so I got super high before going for a interview to be a mascot for liberty tax...Id hafta dress as statue of liberty.Well when i got there they put me in the suit already,wich I wasnt expecting.Then wanted me to show them my waving skills...Well Im super stoned and figure i should go hard in the paint...So for a hour Im jumping around...doing random dances...Mainly gangnam style..and waving like a mad man..Next thing you know Im puking all over the place from getting over heated...Thats when people finally started beeping...I was puking my guts out and people where like "HELL YEAH (beeeeep)...It was the only time som1 beeped....I need a job badly so if they call back Ima take it...But if not...Hey it was fun minus my puking......Should I take this job?
  2. LOL Fk no

    I'm literally in tears thinking about this lmao goodnight √3

  3. lol duuude.....I need money bad...But this job kinda felt like I was discriminating myself....People just ride by and flip you off and yell "fucn retard!!" lol
  4. Good thing you did NOT listen to me LOL

    You rock as the statue of liberty
  5. LOL omfg take the job
  6. Dude last year around the time on south park of the cash forgold episode, guess who was a sign holder outside a cash for gold, me : stoned: I got paid 50 a day and either worked 6 our 7 days and I was outside only half the day, and the other half I was inside either jacking off in the bathroom it taking a nap. Humiliating job as you feel like a homeless person, but eh, money is money at times
  7. Take it if you really need the cash.
  8. Hahahahahahahahahah I'm weak I could never do that. Can't believe you puked.
  9. Oh boy, I used to see those people all the time in Florida. They usually hired the homeless because they're used to hanging out on the side of the road anyways.
  10. fuck, id do it. Get stoned before you ones gunna know you're stoned because your face is covered. Fuck no ones gunna know who the fuck you are.

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