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Getting Stoned Alone VS With Friends

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nichevo, May 6, 2011.

  1. #1 Nichevo, May 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 8, 2011
    Hey everyone, I know there have been threads on which people prefer but I thought we might as well get an official poll to see which is more preferred by people :smoke:

    EDIT: Also, if anyone was wondering, the reason I disabled the option to choose both is because it's more of a "if you could only choose one" type of question. Personally I like both but being stoned alone is more enjoyable for me.
  2. Alone - I write for a living...

    "Alternate" creativity doesn't mix well when you're too busy giggling with your friends.
  3. i only smoke with 1 other dude cuz i hate all the others
  4. Alone-more relaxing
    With friends-more fun
    So def with friends
  5. #9 Jumbo, May 6, 2011
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    Well i hate most of the people i know, they like to stand in empty school yards all night and smoke dub sacks, people always dropping 5s and grimming.

    I prefer smoking alone, because i feel more in control (well i am in full control lol) and WAY more relaxed which is the point of marijuana imo. But toking with a close friend is chill too, but i avoid groups of people, especially when there is no benefit for myself.
  6. Always with friends. You can enjoy being high with some good company. Makes for great conversation. I mean I'll smoke maybe a bowl by myself if I'm just trying to chill, but for the most part I smoke with the great people I call my friends.
  7. alone.
    i really only smoke with a couple people because with others usually either:
    A) they kill my mood/high
    B) don't smoke enough to get me high so i feel a little stupid because theyre blazed off their silly asses and im high for like 30mins
    C) they expect me to smoke like 34578957 bowls with them while they only bring like .5g

    i must find all the shitty people in my town
  8. I cant enjoy anything unless im alone these days.
  9. depends. If I'm with true friends I don't mind blazing with them because they're not greedy fucks.

    If I'm with people that I only associate myself with for bud and what not, then I'd prefer to smoke with just 1 of them or by my self.
  10. this.
    thing is i only know two people like that. even stopped smoking/buying with my roommate because it just wasnt fun sitting in his room while he blared dubstep.
    my eyes need to be entertained.
  11. I prefer alone, but more because it's convenient than anything else.
  12. Alone

    I can relax and do whatever I want. I like smoking with some friends but my friends are mooches, so if me and a buddy want to roll up a blunt at a party or something that means 5 other people automatically come running...
  13. If I smoke with friends all they want to do is play PS3. I might have some of the most cheapest friends when it comes to money so we don't go out and do anything fun and just stay in the house.

    So alone.
  14. 90% of the time i toke alone, the other 10% is with my brother or my bestfriend
  15. Definitely Both.

    I only like blazing with friends IF they aren't the type who constantly ask you to smoke you up and/or are just greedy people.

    Alone, is for trying to understand myself.
  16. Smoking alone is great, but I like smoking in small groups of close friends... Usually I feel the highest and have the best time when it's just one of my friends and I.

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