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Getting stoned ain't as fun anymore

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Greencow, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    when i started smoking pot around 3 years ago, it was amazing
    i felt pretty normal, but everything was hilarious, i laughed at pretty much anything and i was very euphoric

    Over the past few months things have been changing...getting stoned for me now consists of me sitting there, not saying a word.

    I feel like i get a case of social anxiety, and i cant help it.. :(

    I start to think of all the negatives, and really think everything through very thoroughly to the point in which something as little as someone saying somthing, can bother me to a point of me getting depressed. Im not anywhere near euphoric anymore..

    I also dont find anything funny...when im sober, i feel like i would love to smoke some pot, but when im stoned..i really never have a good time.

    The only thing i like now, is the weird lightness and calmness i feel physically in my body.

    Also, to me the social anxiety comes from my voice...dont ask me why..

    its seems around half an hour into the high and i say somthing, it just sounds right out dumb, and my voice sounds very quiet and deep and scratchy... i almost sound like some suicidal depressive killer maniac...for lack of a better word choice.

    I almost seem addicted to weed, ill smoke it everyday, in hope that when i do it, it will finally go back to the way it used to be..

    Iv tried some T-breaks from 3 days, to 3 weeks but when i got back, those feeling i feel just get even stronger.

    Sorry if I said alot, i just really want to explain this to people in order to get some help...maybe its just me? and weed isnt for me anymore??

    Thanks for the replies in advance :)
  2. tolerance, high expectations, just smoke, chill and accept what it does to you, smoke different strains, use different methods of smoking, do different activities, do whatever you need to do to mix it up, smoking is like anything else even sex, you can get bored with it
  3. take a 4 week t break and then smoke alot more then you usually do
  4. i have tried many of those suggestions, but honestly nothing seems to work.

    now to me, i wouldnt want to smoke weed with anyone except the close few friends i hang out with almost everyday..but even with them, im just kinda ignored, i honestly dont say one word when im stoned, all i do is think, and it seems im thinking so much that i dont need to say anything, casue iv already figured it out in my head..kidna thing.


    iv tried changing the setting, and smoking with other people..but it does not change the anxiety, i turn into a defenceless, shy guy who cant say anything intelligent or even understandable..
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  5. are youlikethis when youre sober? or is this only occuring when youre stoned
  6. What are some activities that you do while stoned? maybe try something to take your mind off of...well... thinking
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    Variety really is the spice of life. You can't keep doing the same thing over and over and still expect to get different results. Change your routine a little and experiment different strains. If weed isn't doing it for you anymore, maybe you could try looking into psychedelics? Shrooms, anyone? If not, just be happy with what you still have.
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  8. i wouldnt reccomend anyone for psychoactive drugs, i think a decision like that should be made all on your own without anyones input, my friends brother did that same thing and destroyed his mind AND his body while mainly pressured by others, stick with weed if youre using drugs, most others out there arent safe or are too mind altering.
  9. To enjoy weed, you do NOT have to be a consistant daily smoker. Keep it for the weekends, and use your weekdays to organize your thoughts and feelings (regroup). Figure out what is really making you depressed, move on, do things that make you happy, hang out with friends, then smoke weed on the weekend to celebrate.

  10. what you need to do is change up your activities i used to do the same shit all the time when i was high and then after awhile i started getting bored which caused me to think the same shit you're thinking but i switched up my activities and getting high is much more fun to me now :smoking:

  11. Im a very sociable, confident guy when im sober, it is only occuring when im stoned.. :(

    and i have done psychedelics, mainly mush, but a little bit of acid,
    i love those drugs, but i like to have somthing to pass the time, and is a little less serious, which is weed.

    And honestly, i do do the same thing everyday, maybe thats it...
    but though i do the same thing everyday, it is drastically different and unique at the sametime..

    and trying to take my mind off by doing somthing when im stoned only can somtimes work for me. When i get pretty stoned, i have very strange feeling all over my body, and that is all i can focus on...i feel very jittery, and my vision...well it just gets strange..i cannot describe it for the life of me..but when i start seeing, well, different..i know that im getting stoned..
  12. Kind of sounds like me a while back except for the whole not talking part. Try a t-break and then not smoking every day. Maybe just do it to enhance certain things in your life. The hard part for me was, I felt like I needed to smoke before I did anything. But then again everything is better high. Right now, well I guess I am on what you would call a t-break, but not by choice, but I am still having just as much fun without weed than I do with it.

    Maybe try doing something active. I love playing basketball high. I have a lot more energy and I don't get tired as fast.

    But for me, smoking the herb isn't so much as having fun and just having a great time. But more of a relaxation tool. But if you are getting depressed while you are high, maybe it isn't the weed that is making you depressed. Maybe it is something else in your life, but your feel it while you are high.

    Hope everything works out and hopefully you can enjoy this wonderful plant again.
  13. The same thing has kind of happened to me. I used to not smoke like this, and then a long relationship I was in ended quite poorly, and I started smoking everyday. And, it being summer, it's even easier to smoke all day everyday. I don't get as high anymore and I've gained some weight, and just feel like I've become a sloth. I made a promise to myself that I want to start once this eighth I'm on now runs out: that I'll only smoke during the week after I've worked out and read some. It sounds pretty simple, but I feel like it's a good way to keep myself active and get out and do other things.
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  14. ecstasy makes you open up more, try doing that with your friends since youve already experimented, it got my friend to believe in god somehow, im sure mdma could do wonders for this situation

    i think you got it right, it might be somthing else in my life that is weed is bringing out in me..

    But i dont start feeling these negatives effects till a theres a moment of silence or we'll stop talkign for a few seconds and ill focus on something as simple as a plastic cup and it will turn into some big sharade

    and end up with me thinking negativly

    for me its almost like, all think about somthing one way, positivly, then ill doubt myself and think about it again, pulling a negative out of it..


    i wanna smoke weed and enjoy it!! just like old times :mad:
  16. what made you start smoking weed? maybe that has something to do with this?
    what made those old times so much better than now?
  17. Man you just gotta tell yourself, stop thinking so much and look what's right in front of you. No matter how you think, whatever is right in front of you won't change only your perspective will. Keeping that in mind with a positive attitude will do wonders.
  18. Yo man I feel you about pretty much all of this, I (sorta) still do what you explained in your post. The voice thing I exactly know what you mean dude, I always thought mine sounded weird but just have good posture and clear your throat and it will sound normal again, worked for me. I am not a very social person so I don't talk much either, but I just accept that as who I am and don't worry about it. Also I used to freak out in social situations too but just realize that nobody gets hung up about your flaws like you do and learn to just don't give a fuck what they think anyways. I am not ugly or weird by any means but its that negative state of mind you have to get rid of. Now I have no hesitation when I get invited to smoke with a bunch of people because I just be myself and don't give a fuck, it works.
  19. If you're confident in who you are I don't see why you should have a problem being who you are while you're stoned.
  20. thread from 2009? damn haha

    this is cool though cuz i actually feel the same way as the OP. im workin on gettin past it. hopefully this t break will get my mind right and my confidence up. seems like GC is speakin to me.

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