Getting Started again (indoor)

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    Hey guys,
    My first grow I did was last year was with a pc tower(that I built myself), had 3 babies that turned out decently enough for me to toke on for a little while, long story short durning a move it was damaged to the point where it wasnt fixable. I am wanting to start up again to save me money in the long run, and I guess my question is; Should I build another grow box or just buy one w/everything?
    What I'm looking for is 4-6 plants(hydroponic),smell free(as much as possible) and easy on the electric bill, my budget is looking around 500-600.
    Here is one that I've been looking at, and it kind of gives y'all a rough idea of what I'm looking for
    as for seeds I have always been interested in Barneys L.S.D or somthing like THC Bomb


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