Getting speckeled leafs please help

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Slowdwarf, Sep 27, 2022.

  1. Hi guys looking for some advice on speckled leaves I’ve had a look at some pictures online but can’t seem to work out what’s causing the leaves to go like this

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  2. pics of the whole plant and some of underside of leaves. do you spray at all?
  3. Looks like bug damage take a close look with a scope any webs?
  4. Spider mites
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  5. Yep, Green Dragging nailed it. I wish I had asked quicker myself. Dealing with the same thing for my first time. The quicker you take action the better off you will be. Mine hit at day 40 of flower, still hoping I can salvage some harvest.
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  6. Nuke Em or Plant Therapie
  7. I used a micro ,adjustable pull vacum head and plant therapy.
  8. And lady bugs:)
  9. No webs that are visible
  10. No I don’t spray I’m a amateur what would I spray on it and for what am I spraying
  11. What will they kill my plant what do I do
  12. Search Spider Mites in the forum and most of your questions will be answered. Will kill a plant or make it unusable due to webs.eggs. and mites.
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