Getting someone's name as a tattoo.

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  1. I met a cool guy coming back from visiting a friend of mine a few weeks ago. I took a greyhound bus home and we ended up talking through the whole six hour trip. Turns out he has his ex's named tattooed over his heart in fairly big letters (he was pretty drunk when he got it, haha). He asked me if I would feel awkward dating a guy who had another girl's name tattooed on him and I answered pretty honestly. "That would make me feel really awkward." As it should, no?

    My best friend has run into the same situation - meeting someone and seeing another girl's name on his body even though he's single. It makes me wonder why people gets someone's named tattooed on them for life. I mean not only is it awkward for you if that person doesn't remain in your life but it also has the potential of being awkward for any one else you date.

    "So, this is Brooke?"
  2. Wow I recently just came across th SAME thing. I meant a really cute guy, but he had his exs name in small letters on his back :/
    also My friends boyfriend got her name in HUGE letters over his heart to she has a pretty long name to! Nothing you could ever cover up...they arnt even out of highschool!
  3. i would never date someone who got a name tattooed on them.....dead giveaway that they arent the brightest crayon in the box....
  4. yea i dont understand why people do that.
    unless the girl insisted on the guy to get her name put on him for the rest of his life, which i would still say FUCK NO to, that puts a lot of stress on the girl if she finds someone else, or is just tired of him.
    overall just a stupid fuckin idea
    sorry to rant ha
  5. Yeah i think it's a bit strange.
  6. Stupidest thing on earth to get a name tatted that isn't your parent's, children's, close relative, or very close friend's. Never get a lover's name tatted. Glad I never did that.
  7. my uncle works at a tattoo shop and said that one of the most common things they do is cover up tattoos of someone's name haha
    moral of the story: don't get stupid tattoos
  8. Only ever get a tattoo of someone's name if they're dead.
  9. I'd only do it if it was my Kids or my Dog...Not some girl...
  10. Get your significant other to get a tattoo of your name, then break up with them saying they'll always have something to remember you by. :)
  11. *insert title here* is retarded unless it's the name of you kid
  12. People are dumb and dont think things through, thats what it comes down to.
  13. This is exactly how I feel about the situation. I really like this guy but his tattoo might be a bit too much for me. I would never even get a matching tattoo with someone unless it was my best friend. They were together less than two years and for the rest of his life he'll have to explain to girls why the name Brooke is over his heart. He's really nice and interesting but I'm still wary about the whole situation. The last thing I would want would be my name over Brooke's in a few months to come.
  14. I plan on getting my husband's last name on my ring finger. (not married yet) I am only getting married once and it will be his finger until death do us part.

  15. You're already setting yourself up for divorce..
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    lol stuff happens, it's no big deal.. just cause you don't think that person is the brightest person doesnt mean you couldnt end up dateing them... if you like them and think they're pretty cool then a lil name tattoo on his chest shouldnt matter he can always get a cover up, or get it removed. sure it might be awkward... but it wont matter if you really like him. people make mistakes, just got to learn to forgive the. the only womens name i would tattoo on my body would be my moms i plan on getting alot of tatts too. covering my neck down Son. tattooing your girls name on you is completely STUPID...nuff said though give him a chance. when your in love you do stupid things.
  17. i mean i know like 6 women with my name tatted on them.

    but im a poligamist so

    its not that wierd:cool:
  18. It's not something I would do but hey, everyone's different.
  19. ahhh memories

  20. Been with him 12 years, I can't see myself with anyone else. I don't see a divorce in our near future. There are options to every rule.

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