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Getting someone to drug test for me?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Ragekai, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. So I have to do a drug test for a job..and I can't pass it.

    My brother, who is clean, looks a lot like me, especially in the pic in my ID.

    So could I have him go into the place and pose as me; with my id and take the test for me?

    What are the legal risks? And what do they do as far as preventing this from happening?

    Thanks for any help.

    PS: Don't offer me suggestions like "drink water" or "take this" I can't pass it, lol..my only option is someone else's piss. :wave:
  2. Just have him pee in a eye drop container and strap it to your leg.

    If it's for a job no one will watch you and you can just pour it into the cup.
  3. dude, if you can pull it off, iand i knew you, id buy you a half of chronic. but i dont:(
  4. think about what you said. do oyu know how hard that wuld be?!
  5. You can take the part off that has the dropper, it just pops off.

    Trust me, I did this for my current job.

  6. isnt that a rather small amount of urine to come up with tho?
  7. use Quick Fix 4.0
  8. Not really. I used two bottles, one strapped to each leg. They don't need that much pee.

  9. I'm in shock how many of you don't know this... :confused:

    Synthetic urine
    link: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine To Beat Your Urine Drug Test
    Directions are in the box tells how to heat to the right temperature and you can find this at most local head shops

    I personally know of 20+ people who use this or have used this for pre-employment and random urinalysis tests. Even works for probation tests but u need an apparatus to make it look like you are actually peeing your own urine.

    And if you can fork up the 30 bucks for this product you must not want a job bad enough!
  10. Wow everyone did exactly what I didn't want them to.

  11. pretty sure impersonating someone else is a big no no.
  12. It's a lot easier to use someone else's pee than to impersonate someone. I'd rather get in trouble for trying to fake the test than sending a whole different person in.
  13. ok so um...How about I get my bro to pee, put it in a condum...tape the condum to my inner thigh...then I pee in the cup to make the temperature reading say the right mark...then dump my pee out; rinse out the cup..then put the clean pee from the condum into the cup..would that work?

    or does the thermometer thing give a real time display?
  14. No go on that they will turn off the sink so if u tried to rinse the cup out no water will come out of the sink. And they put blue shit in the toilet water so u can't use that either.

  15. ok so then if this is true will just droppin the cup of my piss into the toilet then whiping the inside clean with my shirt tail work? After which of course i add my bros piss?
  16. Maybe! never tried it, I always just got clean.
  17. I don't know why you couldn't just send your brother in if he does look like you in a photo ID. I have a good friend who needed a piss test for a internship and she had her friend take it for her.
  18. I heard Urineluck actually works and that it is somewhat widely available in headshops.

    However its easier to just let him pee into a small container to put in your pocket or tapped to leg. ideas are hollowed elmers glue bottle or flasks.

    They wont watch you go if your applying for a job thats non military related( and a few others). Thats what I do for group.
  19. I need to know about the question : Does the temperature reader read real time? Or does it just have to hit high enuff once? So that I can pee in it to get the reader right, dump the cup then put the clean pee in will work?

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