getting some VICODIN

Discussion in 'General' started by f1r3m4n, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. ya so my friend just got surgery right and so like since hes been hella slow in getting me this weed he owes me and 50 bucks hes just giving me a bunch of it for freeeee so im gonna get hellla fucked
  2. He had surgery, Can ya blame him for bein slow on the herbs?

    Anyways, Ya know what size?

  3. well he was supposed to have it 2 weeks b4 his surgery but i dont blame him now and i donno what size ill ask
  4. what kinda surgery did he have. unless it was somethin thats gonna put him in crazy pain he probly only got 5/500's

  5. he got surgery on his ribs a chip of the bong from his shoulder that was dislocated like formed a tumor on his rib

  6. :rolleyes:
  7. hah my bad lol im high so what can i say i meant bone

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