getting some today...and im not talking about weed

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  1. whats up city. ok for those of you whove read my thread about me going out with my best friends ex...yea well we're actually doing shit now. so its all cool. but today i am for sure to get some and now im just waiting for her to get out of school (shes a senior) and i know shes damn well waiting too. she wants to start off by giving me a massage (which shes fantastic at) and shes got this massage oil...oh god. its like sex with hands. only problem is i have no idea where we could do this at...cant do it at my place since im living with like 6 other people in a small apartment. im not too sure about her place but i hope so. and the car is a def no cause im 6'3'' and its just physically impossible. but shit, ill do it in a park for all i care.

    im not here to brag...just excited

    wish me luck blades!
  2. Hotel, motel or Holiday Innnnn. Congrats man!!!
  3. I'm 6'3 pretty much, too. having sex in the backseat is horrible. Seriously. I'm like 6'3 220. I'm a beat. Good luck, man. I remember reading the thread about this awhile back. You said, "so it's all cool" Does that mean your best friend knows? Or what's going on with that. If I may ask =P
  4. cheaaa boi get it.
  5. sucks u dont have a place to go. at least take a rubber, i just got back from the store and bought 3 boxes =] i was on low and my lady and I arent having it haha. Dont get caught either, it will make you feel like a scumbag
  6. why are you doing shit with your friends ex girlfriend? you do realize that shes probably just using you to get back at him, right?
  7. on the serio...fuckin ur best homeboys ex? if he don't know about it...then you really aint his best homie.
  8. going to a hotel would make me feel like a scumbag
  9. Bros before hoes
  10. yep..

  11. alright well some shit happened last night, meaning i didnt get any. it was nothing personal between me and the girl. its complicated. but in a sense im kinda glad we didnt cause i didnt fully talk to my friend about me and his ex yet. i know hes mad at me. but you guys cant look down at me for doing this. cause hes been an asshole by doing shit behind my friends backs just so he could look like the good guy in front of his new gf and her little bitchy friends.

    now i know this sounds like highschool drama cause it kinda is. thats why im glad i live 30 mins away from that shit. and thats why i want to straighten this shit out by talking to my friend hopefully tomarrow when im back in town. i just want this settled. i hate it when everyone acts all immature like this. it seriously put me in such a bad mood yesterday to where i was wanting to beat the living shit out of someone.

    so later that night i went back to my place where theres my mom and 5-6 other crackheads living. my mom was telling me how she tried kicking all of them out of her place cause none of them were helping paying rent, but none of them listened. so i just went off. i went to all the crackheads who were currently all in a small ass room doing YOU GUESSED IT smoking crack! and i told them to pack up their shit and get the fuck out. and all of them looked at me like i was just a retard. and they just started chuckling. and i yelled them to get out again and got this guys bag and threw it in the hallway. and he got up like he was about to do something so i pulled out my knife and he jumped back. and i told all of them to get the fuck out or im calling the cops. and then they started moving out, saying shit under their breaths. but yea, theyre all out and my mom thanked me and all that bullshit. later that night i was starting to get paranoid about them reporting i pulled a knife on them so i hid the knife a few blocks down the street in a park (i picked it up today), that was my fun night

    and for the guy who said the girl is only with me to get back at her ex...i thought about this. a lot. and i actually had a talk to her about it and i pretty much told her that if shes using me to hurt my friend then id make her life miserable. haha. i didnt say it that straight forward but she had the idea. and she knows i would do something like that.

    so yea thats how my good day went to shit.
  12. man super man that hoe and give her your fuhnuder.
  13. its like when you

    and the bk lady sayin shit

    you get your ass to mcdonalds

    then run like hell no doubt

    page break


    :confused:this guy aint got shit to do

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