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Discussion in 'General' started by Tochahontassssss, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. So For over a year now I've been thinking about "quitting" smoking and it's safe to say I've never lasted more than a week when I say I'm going to quit.
    So last night was my last time getting high. At least hopefully. I've smoked every day, all day for like 5 years. I have an addictive personality that makes me struggle to quit. I also love smoking and I don't really want to quit. But I've got to get my shit together at school and at home and actually find some motivation.
    So if anybody has any tips or even stories just to help/support, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Weed is the easy thing for me. I still get everything done when high. I perform better sober though. Alcohol is what I struggle with. Don't drink on work nights anymore. The hangover destroys me too much now.

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  3. Handle your responsibilities before you smoke and get blazed after to reward yourself
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  4. I used a vape pen to quit smoking. But I'm talking about tobacco. I would never recommend for anyone to stop smoking cannabis.
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  5. My only tip would be to pick up some sort of activity like running or bicycling. In one way it'll redirect the challenge from smoking to excising but you'll also really work your brain and body. A few days or a week into it you'll find your pace and actually miss it. This is how I've avoided the booze and I sure feel great from it.

    Tough it out, it's so worth it. You won't regret it and you'll meet a part of you that you haven't seen in a long time.
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  6. ...also picking up something to do, that's good for you, will help occupy the times you'd be smoking and sitting around.
  7. You gotta want it. It's tough when youre in a situation where you normally smoke; for me, i like smoking the most after a meal, and when i get home from school. You find you have a lot more free time. Buy some tea bags and make tea when you feel the urge.
    I find cooking has helped me. A g is about 15-20 bucks. Go to the grocery store and see how much food or supplies you can get for that.
    It is hard when youre used to smoking all day, but it really does feel good to stop.
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  8. As someone on break for 17 days after going 20+ years partaking almost daily, i say, good for you. A hobby like fitness will help. But honestly, i miss it still. I always will and i know it. The fact that you are aware of it's effect on you is a step in the right direction. We can be each others sponsor, lol.
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  9. I stopped as well but mostly to get this job lol

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  10. Goodluck to you bro! I use to smoke tons of weed but I keep it in moderation now.

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  11. Start getting a lot of anxiety when you smoke and then you won't want to any more. Worked for me.
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  12. I'd been smoking pretty regularly every day for years and never really seriously thought about quitting because life in terms of school and relationships were pretty good. Granted I started taking Adderall as well so make of that as you will. Not to make light of the struggle some "weed addicts" face out there, but one day, out of the blue I literally decided to stop smoking weed and just tossed out my bong lol.

    Since then, I've probably socially smoked with friends maybe 3 times max within the past couple years, but never had any real inclination to smoke weed... until now... WHERE THE WEED AT? jkjk :love-mj2:
  13. Sometimes I feel more sober on weed than "sober".
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  14. I agree with the user who said to reward yourself with smoking when you get other shit done.

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