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Getting so high you lose social awarness?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I have noticed for some time now that if I get high enough, I lose contact with the real world/ the people around me, and kinda start talking to myself.

    Does anyone else experience this? It's almost where you enter your own world, and you're un-aware of what's going on around you. It seems that it only happens when you get seriously medicated, however.
  2. yea used to happen to me it would be like you landed on another atmosphere
  3. hahahaha yeah. its oughta happen to everyone, you get to a certain point of highness and your just fucking gone. :smoke:
    Its a great feeling if your not somewhere you need to be aware:D
  4. Yeah, it's not like you're tripping, but you're just in your own chill zone, content kinda.
  5. Yeah its like a step before you green out, I like getting this high when I smoke by myself
  6. shit happens to me too. i get so high i don't even talk to other people unless they talk to me. i'm pretty much in my own zone talking to myself in my head about whats going on around me.
  7. Lmao yes, although sometimes I don't want this to happen when it does. Like the last time was after winning 7 games of beer pong and then smoking with a homie out back for m ore than an hour, got back in the house and was like... well I guess I was only smiling, lmao. I was just an observer. I even remember one point where my one of my soberish friends was like, damn he's fucked up. And I remember thinking in my head, yuup he's right. But in actuality I didn't say shit except smile hella big lol.
  8. that is why it's positive sometimes to lay back and disconnect from reality. almost like deep meditation
  9. Yeah that's what happened to me last night ahha, we were all just chatting up and suddenly i go into deep thought of my work-place, and when i snapped back into reality i was like "huh" what were you guys talking about i didn't hear a thing.
  10. Ohoho when you think your having a conversation with your mates then you suddenly go "yeah, but..." and go off on a completely different tangent, and everyone just looks at you and ask "what the fuck are you on about?!" then you realise you never said the first bit of the conversation so the tangent you went off on made absolutely NO sense to anyone but you!
  11. Not since I was 15. Many moons ago.
  12. Yea, it sucks because i dont know anyone that just likes to smoke and be chill, everyone likes to socialize and hangout but its just too much damn work when ur stoned. I like to just sit there and smoke a ciggy while i dont say a word

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