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Getting snooped

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PhillyPhanatic, May 11, 2010.

  1. So the other night I was out on the balcony lying down smoking a J. I have to smoke outside in respect for the other people I live with. I was enjoying it for the most part although it was very cold. Then I got this feeling someone was watching me, so I look round over to the house opposite and some guy has got a camera, is looking through it and is pointing it right at me, just like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. I looked away and he turned off the light and was gone.

    It's really annoying when people do this, I'm just trying to relax at the end of a stressful day and someone's watching me with a bloody camera. Anyone else had an experience like this and how do you think I should deal with this?
  2. hes ur number 1 fan!! haha maybe he was takin a pic of evidence or something?
  3. Go over there, knock on his door and just say, "I'd really appreciate it if you stopped watching me" See what kinda guy he is, who knows - maybe you've found a new smoking partner whos house you can crash!

    ps. bring some sort of self defense incase he's a basket case.
  4. If he does it again Id confront him in a calmly manner and tell him you'd like some respect of your privacy. There's got to be some law against a guy stalking you when you go outside, lol.

    I wouldn't sweat it, the most the cops are probably gonna do if they come are knock on the door saying they have a complaint from a neighbor, you can deny entrance to the house.
    A blurry picture of a guy smoking what looks like a rolled tobacco cigarette isn't proof.

    None the less that's sketchy as hell.
  5. :eek: That would give me all sorts of heebie jeebies! That is totally un-cool.
  6. I think it would anger me more than creep me out. Fucking pricks need to mind their own business.
  7. my guess is the guy is just a weirdo. If it happens again i would seriously go talk to him but as far as the taking pictures go its no big deal cause a photo of someone smoking means absolutely nothing even if he saw you breaking down the weed.

  8. I might go out again tonight, and see what happens. I'm really terrible at confronting people so I don't know if I'll do that. I don't understand why

    Yeah was pretty sketchy, it really throws me off and is so off putting. I had to try and curl up so he can't see me.
  9. Well, if you don't want to confront him, there's always option B...

    which is you step outside with YOUR camera and start snapping pictures of him.:D

  10. :D:D:D

    You know what, I'm gonna do that. Tonight if he starts doing it I'm gonna get my video camera and start filming him.
  11. Maybe he's gay? and wants to mount you silly...

    Anyways lol hes prolly some creep with no life that has to eaves drop on people doing their own thing.
  12. Sounds like a typical drug warrior to me. He probably thought he was capturing evidence of a drug kingpin... lol.

    You could choose to ignore him. Given his behavior he probably calls the cops about smokers a lot. They probably know to ignore him by now if he's been living there long. If not the worse that could happen is a knock on the door from apt management or a cop. You smoke outside so you've got nothing to fear from either of them. Just deny.

    You could choose to confront him. You could knock and his door and bitch about his spying. It is illegal... what he is doing after all... and it's a victim crime unlike smoking. Threaten to call the cops. Remind him that his conduct is illegal. He may have forgotten... prohibitionists know no bounds.
  13. you should go over there with a nice bottle of red wine and see where the night takes you.:p
  14. rofl, but srsly, i'd come over and be like wtf, thats not cool, hell he could be some creepy man-rapist after yer but-cherry, ya gotta squash this, ya dont need someone filming ya when yer smoking anyways, it ruins the smoking experience:smoking:
  15. sweet. Someone has a crush on you. Now you need to smoke the dankest weed you have and watch THE CRUSH. That will keep you up nights.
  16. We do same thing on my friends balcony I couldnt stand having to do that at my place and my neighbors a cop I sit outside in my backyard with a bong and my magnifying glass and he never says anything :smoking: I would see if he does it again if he does I would confront him
  17. Uh, speaking of ruining a smoking experience, tell me how the fuck you took this guy from curiously creepy to flaming butt-rapist so quickly?

    Relax, and let the paranoia subside a bit...:cool:
  18. Lol best option, if this doesn't work go talk to the guy. Complain about him, people here have the right idea ! :hello:
  19. Wow, I'd probably fuck with him. Next time, walk out in your boxers or something, or wear a funny hat. Even better yet, walk out in a leash with a gagball in your mouth with one of your friends and see what he does then. The possibilities are endless!
  20. Maybe he is a photographer that is afraid of people and he likes to take photos of people smoking pot as art. He just got spooked when he knew that you knew that he was watching you.:)

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