Getting slow faded?

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    So I think I think I'm being/been slow faded. If you don't know what that is let me educate ya:
    Emphasis on the passive aggressive part. Basically girl and I were talking/dating for 3 months and all was going well, we were both on about the same level, to be honest she even seemed more earnest than me at times. Then she starts getting hella flakey i.e. cancelling plans that she made, disappearing for a week for whatever reasons then popping back up to pop back out.
    I called her out on it but she just brushed it aside, so do you guys think i should just cut her off altogether? We haven't talked for about a week but she's still liking my shit on different social media  platforms even though i unfollowed her. I just don't know if she wants out or if she wants me do somethin? I don't like being confused.
    thanks in advance  :smoke:
    tl;dr think girl is slow fading me but she still tryna keep me relevant, should i cut her off or still try?

  2. Fuck.That.
    I've had a similiar situation with a so-called friend. Bitched and cried on my shoulder when it suited her, never could be there for me. Cancelled plans constantly, more often than not she did it last minute which really hurt my feelings. Like what, you got something better to do now so I'm no good? It hurts. A lot. 
    Be honest with her. Tell her that you know, you thought she was keen and you were but if she's not, just say it.
    Why the fuck people have to play games is beyond me. 
  3. Dude if you can fuck then you should totally try to then cut her off

    I know what you mean, man. I've been thinking bout really calling her but I wanna do it in person. With technology nowadays anyone can't bitch out and just not answer and you feel even more stupid ha.

    That sucks that she did that to you man, I wish you luck in finding a worthwhile chick

    She's all tryna be a good girl now which I why I was into her, change of pace for me haha.
    Her roomate's pretty cute tho...
  5. Do her roommate.  That will piss her off and make her want to get you back.  No matter what, don't let it stress you.  Life is suppose to be about being reasonably happy.
  6. I just might dude. She's been giving me the eye literally since the moment i met her when i went over said girl's apartment.
    But I've also asked other people and they all say it's hella fucked up to do it to her...
    Fuck it i'm gonna do it.
  7. She likes your pics on social media, that doesn't mean shit lol post like this are so funny Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    That's what i thought at first bud, starts to mean somethin when she never did it before and its constant now
    Just askin for some advice from blades that might have been through the same thing, I'm sorry if that amuses you.
  9. Just let it go bro

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