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Getting sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FTPforlife, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. If I'm sick and my friend hits my bong after I do, will they get sick?
  2. yeah thats possible, but u didnt give any information about your sickness so how can we know? ask a doctor like what if a friends drinks from the same bottle after you..
  3. its possible
  4. sore throat. congestion
  5. actually. a better question is that if I hit my bong while I'm sick, will i get sick if I hit it in a few day when im not sick?
  6. Where has all of the common sense in America gone?
  7. im in canada
  8. maybe not because your immune system will have already encountered the virus/bacteria

  9. Hahahaha
  10. i got the swine flu from this dude after smokin a blunt and hittin a bong after him.
  11. Way to give Canadians a good rep dude. Nice.

    My vote says the lack of sense lies with the individual, not the state. ;)
  12. i hope you're kidding, because no you didn't.
  13. nah your body will be immune to that strain of virus for awhile but wash it anyway.
  14. believe it or not my gf's sister got swine and so did my friends gf lol. Its actually spreading like wildfire but they stopped tracking it cus its nothing really....yet....
  15. You can spread herepes that way.
  16. i think i have it

    have like all the symptoms idk if i should just chill in my house for a few days or go to doctor...
  17. wouldnt there be more chance smoking a blunt because your saliva gets on it. but when u use a bong no saliva on the mouth peice

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