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  1. Here is some picture of the strain Buddah. I am guessing Nitrogen Difficiency? I am scared of fertilizing because I have had some major problems by overfert. Anyway, specs on plants....
    400watt HPS
    Organic potting soil with peat moss
    One fan
    6 weeks
    12 inches tall
    water once every 5-6 days
    Temp 25 degrees C
    Humidity 55%

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  3. I left some detail out. They were grown until begining of this week under some crappy floro bulbs. Just moved them under HPS and they are there for about 8 hours a day then just keep them from flowering at night by keeping any old light on in the room. I can send more pics if you need.

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  4. is...time....too....fert....
  5. dude...u need me to send u a keyboard? em up into a nice large pot with some good soil and start feeding them.
  6. man am i just high or are those like 3 foot leaves?

  7. LOL....
  8. If your spacebar doesn't work, get a macro program and bind one of your keys to work as a spacebar instead.
  9. i think your safe with a light dose of organic N (foxfarm or pureblend pro etc..) without worrying about burning man.
    but honestly who am i to tell you how to fix a sick plant lol. That's your job! :)
  10. How did he find this thread. It is an old one of mine. Wow he really went back in the archives for this one.
  11. lol, Vtecs newb mistakes1!!

    funny how now you are one hell of a grower and a knowledgeable one that that , ah well - we all gotta start somewhere =)
  12. LOL i just noticed this was from 2004 LOL!
  13. Yep, Expect a Ban from V :p

  14. LoL yeah.
  15. Funny how lately people are bringing this old threads up from the grave, Now buddys a pro:rolleyes:

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