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Getting sick of joints might switch to blunts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ledzeppelin505, May 16, 2011.

  1. I got big bambiu rolling paper and everytime I smoke with a buncha people a roll a joint but its annoying becuase they burn in like a minute tops. Im thinking about just rolling blunts but it seems annoying that you have to buy blunt wrap or cigars and take the tobacco out and everything seems mad time consuming any tips on what I should do?And is there like any way to make j's last longer that I didnt know about? Thanks.
  2. Pre-Roll.

    Wiz keeps a baggy of pre-rolled J's, pretty sick, haha.
  3. Joints aren't for large groups. Smoke blunts for groups, joints for you 1-2 other people.

    You all know its true.
  4. Yeah man but the thing is I never get blunts like I always have papes and like yeah lol.
  5. i dont get people saying blunts burn slower. Either way, you're taking X amount of smoke into your lungs. Dont matter if it burn slow or fast.
    Plus joint/blunt matters way less than rolled loose/tight. At least in my opinion. Loose blunts smoke like loose joints. Tight blunts smoke like tight j's. More or less.
    i feel like i could get flamed for sayin it, but ive always thought this
    edit: by the way, i always prefer a perfect j to a perfect blunt, but thats me :smoke:
  6. Ways of making a joint last longer...
    1. Don't smoke em in large groups
    2. Baptize it
  7. Buy some hemp rolling paper. It burns slower. But I love blunts in general
  8. It does matter if it burns slower. Its not the same ammount because when your not hittin it its burning.

  9. yeah, but unless its windy or youre holding it upside down, the things not gonna like run, the paper doesnt burn back, usually the cherry just stays lit. most of my joints will just go out if you dont hit it, its such a miniscule amount of wasted smoke either way unless you blow at rolling
  10. Ya, i can respect that. Sometimes your so baked you dont realize the jays still goin tho:smoke:

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