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Getting sick from smoking too much weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by senorbonifas, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Now I know from the title you are all thinking about "greening out", but what I'm trying to figure out is if smoking weed affects your immune system. I smoke every day (usually after work and before bed) and then smoke all day throughout the weekend. Can this make my immune system weaker? I've been sick 5 times in the past 4 months (no joke) and it's just a dizzy/sore throat/weak/congestion type of thing tho every time. I also have a bad habit of sometimes swallowing the smoke...maybe that could be the culprit. Idk, I just hate having to feel like this every other week and don't wanna give MJ up but didn't know if any of you fellow tokers here on GC have felt the same way in the past.
  2. I was sick about 20 times a year "before" I started smoking. If it did lower your immune system considerably, I would know about it. Now some studies have shown that they do lower the immune system. Wether these studies can be trusted depends entirely on you.
  3. So the effects of MJ on your immune system are probably negligent then?
  4. Not unless what you're smoking is heavily sprayed with pesticides.

    Try a different strain or some quality bud.
  5. What do you do before smoking? As well as durring?

    I know my buddie ate too much candy one night and ended up puking :p but thats because I have a big ass box of candy :p

    I actually have used lovely herb to help remedy some symptoms of a few sicknesses, the same guy had had an inner ear infection, and it helped cope with that, as well as some throat thing, I can't remember what he had, but it was contagious (we threw that piece out)
  6. I usually just get home from work, smoke a few bowls, don't really eat too much but then just hit the hay. Sometimes I smoke before I know I'm only getting 4-5 hours of sleep some nights (I get off work at 12pm and have class at 730am) so maybe it's just tiring me out.
  7. Lack of sleep can have serious impacts on the body, even if you get 4 hours every night. You might not be spending enough time in REM, and your body might not be 100% as a result.
  8. I'm not positive if swallowing the smoke would be doing it, but I know that it may not make you feel very well at the time, so try to cut it out :p

    How many bowls do you usually smoke before bed and within what time frame?
  9. Smoking in itself is not good for the immune system. But I smoke weed when I'm sick and it usually makes me feel better so I believe the adverse effects that smoking weed has on the immune system is negligible if not present at all.
  10. Usually smoke a bowl or two within 15 minutes and then hit the hay (my bed that is) after about another 45 min. Maybe I'll just stop smoking before my nights of lil sleep, after all I still got the weekend to do nothing :D
  11. Weed decreases the amount of time you spend in REM sleep anyway, IIRC. So yeah, on nights where you get those 4 hours, just crash without the weed if you can.

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