getting sick at a store

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    well ive been working 60 hour weeks and not eating much, i chug half a 40 of colt 45 then i was drinking some sketchy ass wine for some reason.

    about an hour later i start sweating like crazy and taste this shitty wine, so i go to the bathroom at a place, and i pass out then i come out of it and fall and pass out again.

    i got away and im chillin at the crib for a few hours now, but am i ok to go back to the store again?

    i dont wanna kno if ill be ok, but can i go to the store and try to find my ipod i dropped
  2. Have you eaten anything since the incident (and kept it down):confused:
  3. How should we know, man? :p

    Eat some food and see how you feel. ;)
  4. Internet telepathy:)
  5. yea i ate some food and smoked a bowl from my bong a few hours later i took a nap, i didnt puke but the people was eyeballin me. i think i ate a cupcake too :p

    i havent been smoking too many cigs lately either and i smoked 10 in one night, that mighta not helped with the wine too :)
  6. MD 20/20 and a pack of Basics, recipie for disaster:cool:

  7. Fuck, I must have missed that add-on! :(:p
  8. I thought the title said getting sick of whores, lol.
  9. lol, well, if you feel alright now then go back and find it :)
  10. who gets sick of whores? Not me!:cool:

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