Getting shrooms tonight

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  1. I am getting an eighth of shrooms tonight (3.5g). I was wondering how much should I take on my first time. I want to feel it, but not too overwhelming. My friend says I should try a G at a time. Any opinions? Thoughts? Should I need a baby sitter (most likely my sister).
  2. I ate a half 8er my first time and it worked perfectly. Not too powerful, but definetly felt it.

    Are you tripping by yourself?
  3. man i would just try 1 or 1.5 cause if you choose one of those doses, youre gonna have a stronger dose left if the 1 or 1.5 wasnt strong enough.

    i had about 1.5 my first time and it was perfect for me.
  4. The first and second times I did shrooms I did the full eighth, and I was fine... I suggest eating them with peanut butter, it really masks the awful taste, also suggest drinking orange juice, the acid from the orange juice helps to dissolve the shrooms faster or something.\

    Have a good trip! :smoke:
  5. My first time I took the whole 3.5 and it seemed to have the perfect angle on the situation. I wanted to experience visuals, and did, just not what I expected. More of a morphing osmosis if you will. The last time was made with an herbal tea, Yogi tea to be more exact. I felt the effects take quicker with the tea, but also a quicker climax. When you eat it, larger or more concentrated caps release at a different rate, giving you a full range of emotion to experience.Less predictable, but it's fun! At least thats my science on the subject. - He with the StoneyBaby
  6. I also took a half 8th my first time, It was perfect.
  7. 1.5g
    itll definately be enough. it'll be good. try not to expect anything and don't take too long eating them. the taste didn't bother me much. first time was good because i didn't really see much but it gave me a good enough taste that i understood what trippin' was and could prepare more mentally for the many to come.
    man. its so good. you'll love it. yeah. have your sister with you.. try to go outside, if you can. it'll keep your mind going, less dwelling. have fun with it. do it at the time of day/nighttime you're most active or happy.

    it'll be good. as long as its not more than two i think you'll be great. however if people that have tried this litter are talking about how bomb they are compared to reg, than maybe lessen it up. i've taken 2g that were comparable to 4-5g
  8. what do they look like?
    is it a bag full of pieces somewhat crushed? or are they full stem capped mushrooms freshly picked?
  9. who cares just eat them all
  10. 2 grams. fuck what EVERYONE else says. eat. 2. grams.

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