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getting screwed over

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Eric 805, May 10, 2010.

  1. noticed there isn't a threat about people getting screwed over while dealing with weed. what's your worst experiences?

    My first one was when I was younger and I was on the front porch of a house and a car comes up so I hide and it turns out it is the owner and they call the police and I end up having to destroy a freshly bought QO of Afghan into the ground with my foot and then I lost my bong. I was happy that at least I didn't get a ticket or anything.

    Not too much else has happened, guess I am fortunate to live in California.
  2. i've never got fucked over by the law(knock on wood) but i've got in some pretty funny situations. Like 5 years ago(i think) i was smoking a joint out side a mall with some of my homies, which wasnt a good idea. Anyway, a mall cop came up to us and said your not allowed to be smoking here and shit and then said he was going to arrest us and i was just like " man you cant fuckin do that you have no power!" so he was walking back to his car like 10 feet away from him and me and my 2 friends just peaced the fuck out and ran around the mall then snuck to our cars and left.
  3. I went to Costa Rica for 3 weeks and obviously heard stories about how the locals would screw me over in some way but on the last night out before I had to head home with a couple 10 shots in me I went to buy some smokeless tobacco from the convient store when some fucker was like hey man you smoke the ganja? and I was like yeah man and he was like come so after awhile I gave him the money and he goes to this house and says he gave the guy the money and is waiting and he started banging on the house then eventually he was like come and he's like ok wait here and he goes in this weird house and flicks the lights out and runs off. I was so pissed that I got scammed and felt ashamed. But now I don't really care I mean I was drunk and just wanted to get high figured may aswell try. haha sucks though.
  4. The VERY first time I smoked, in high school when I was like 13 or 14, I paid 30$ to this kid, who'd give the money to another kid, who'd get the weed from someone, then give it back to the first kid, then give it to me.
    Quite a long process, so when I got it, it was ground up and wasn't anymore than a nick.
    Got lifted as fuck though so i don't mind too much
    smoked outta a corncob pipe :cool:
  5. When i first started smoking, None of my homies would ever mention that my ass was getting ripped off. I would smoke them out and everything and they still didn't say shit. 20 bucks for like 4 grams of mids. Ridiculous.
  6. I never been seriously ripped off but when I first started smoking I didn't realize what the hell I was paying for. I realize years ago I was paying 20-25 dollars for an eighth of shitty mids, and a couple times it would only be a couple grams, not an eighth.

    All I know is I wanted to get high so I guess I didn't care at the time. Now- a different story.
  7. One of my buddies let some bitch hold a half O. She bounced and an hour later called me saying that she got jumped and shit. I was livid, but karma caught up with her eventually :smoke:
  8. my roommate brought this girl home one night after we were at the bar and she was one strange girl. she smoked a bowl w/ us and then my roommate fucked her and kicked her out.
    month or so later he just wanted a piece one night so he called her up again and she agrees to come over. Now, i know its crazy that she would come back after he kicked her out, but he does that type of shit to girls all the time and gets away with it haha
    so she is over this night and i had just picked up a hp for me and 3 other buddies to split. this girl saw the weed and was eyeing it like crazy. my roommate and her go back to his room and he took a bubbler and a bud for them.
    in the morning the girl left and so did an oz of our weed. nobody saw her take it, and my roommate searched her purse (cuz by that time the guy who paid for 1 oz couldnt find his oz)
    being bros like we are tho we all gave a cut of our weed so he didnt get totally shafted.
    but i guess that broad got her payback for my buddy kicking her out that first night!
  9. fucking a strange chick once = 1 ounce?

    tough call...was she hot?
  10. lol... if you're a baller, fuckin only requires smooth talk
  11. Yeah because the bitch is jacking you for ounces low key lol

  12. You live in ventura?
  13. i get screwed over but not in deals or law or anything like that but at the actual headshop! there are a few in my city but the closest one to me has terrible prices but most of the time i cant go to the others that have way better prices. I paid 37$ for a pack of papers and a metal 4 part grinder. the same would have only cost me 25 at the other store.
  14. The very first time i smoked i bought weed from some 12th grader. I was only 13 at the time. He told me to meet him and i was going to buy a joint. He charged me 25$ for it. It pisses me off even now. The worst part was i bought it and he smoked over half of it with me.:mad:
  15. You people have it easy as hell. Where I'm from people steadily get robbed and jumped for amounts ranging from a dub to lbs. I got robbed once for a half oz but thats it. That shit sucks but you can't do anything
  16. My homie has a permanent scar above his eyebrow where he got pistol whipped for not handing over 3 grams to two faggots tryna jack him. They also tried to stab him but they got the car on and dipped the fuck out. Over three fuckin grams.

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