Getting Screwed Over By "Dealers"

Discussion in 'General' started by EmoSteve, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. How much have you been screwed over by people who say they will come back with the weed when you give them the money but never do come back? I just got gipped out of 20 today.
  2. Those folks are called middlemen. They rip you off by pinching buds out of the sack or by stealing your money. Thats why you shouldn't deal with them.
  3. damn they really got you about a big heist :smoke:
  4. Whoa!

    Holy Hell... Those rat bastards got you for $20 WHOLE DOLLARS...

    And you didn't bust a cap in dat ass?

    F'n kids these days, not poppin' people for skuffing their Adidas and shit..

  5. when i was a noob my "friend" jacked me by trying to play off 2gs as an eighth. he did this for a while before my bro found out so he must have gotten away with at least 20gs of bud
  6. Well, 20 bucks is still something. I wouldn't want to lose it. :rolleyes:

    Just don't front people your money expecting to get something in return. And never go through middle men. At least you now know how shady the business can be, hopefully you learn from this.
  7. $80. I don't wanna talk about it.
  8. i feel like such a fool for believing the guy. i should have taken collateral.
  9. just over 3k last month, shows the people you can trust these days:mad:.

    Sucks about ya $20 though. don't fuck with people that dont even have the weed themselves.

  10. damm bro that sucks elephant balls.
  11. well steve, let that be a lesson to you, better 20 than 400 for an oz right?

    now, i dont recommend emos front money either, cos they will probably knock you
    out for it anyway, its the truth.
  12. it was my fault,

    yea frontin isn't good, but you can still get fucked even if you don't front the cake.
  13. not good brah :devious:
  14. i try to reason it out with myself by saying that there are worst things that have happened to people, and I have learned not to be a fool again. tomorrow will be a better day.
  15. never, i mean NEVER, give someone the money up front then let them get your bud and bring it back unless you know the person like personally, and even then its sort of risky. sorry to hear it happened to you but at least it was only 20 dollars and not 200:rolleyes: just learn from your mistake and next time be smarter about it.
  16. Rule Number 1:

    Never Front Money

    is that hard for people to understand? :confused:
    if you don't front money, that shit doesn't happen

  17. but it does bruh, it just happens in a more graphic manner if the cake isn't fronted.

    Believe me I know.
  18. they think having their money taken is bad.

    i had 3 people steppin on my head because i didn't have any money.
  19. damn bruh, people are crazy these days, and they wonder why people carry tools.
  20. thats it man. i was an easy target though i was off my dial on cid so
    shit heppens.

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