Getting robbed by someone you trusted, but you're the bad guy.

Discussion in 'General' started by Jamtastic, May 23, 2010.

  1. So I give my girl $3 dollars to hold onto until Sunday. I ask for my money back. She gives me $2 and doesn't say a word. I then say I gave you $3.

    1) Are you sure you counted right? (So I'm an idiot?)
    2) You think I stole from you? (Now I'm wrong)
    3) Plain old denial (Can't prove a negative)
    4) I would've just told you if I took it (Guilt trip + No you wouldn't)

    Most logically thinking people would not confess to it, because they know there is NO proof. If you murdered someone and there was 100% NO EVIDENCE, why on Earth would you confese.

    It's like war, it's always easier to hold you ground, than to invade. Because holding your ground you just have to tie (the other person gives up) or win (the other person gives up and says they were wrong). Where as the other person has to actually prove something that's impossible.

    One time a good friend and I hid a 30 rack in the woods, to be retrived the next morning, we were both driving our parents car. Next morning it's gone, and the two of us are yelling at each other accusing the other of taking it. Which ever one of us took it, just has to argue and pretend well as good as the other person and it's impossible. Even if you KNOW the other person took it, because you DIDN"T, you can't blame them because then you're the bad guy. After all "he thinks you took it"

    Seriously. Messed up.
  2. Why would you give someone $3 to hold on to for you?

    Why would you care if she took a dollar?

    It's a dollar, you can't even get a coffee with a dollar.
  3. Try reading. That was a parallel example.
  4. Maybe she used that dollar to buy a Mr.big, then had one of her other boyfriends use the wrapper as a condom...
  5. I thnk it's fucked up she took the dollar not because it's just a dollar but the fact that she is denying she took it. I mean if she is lying about the dollar what else could she lie about.

    And exactly if there is no proof why would you confess. That the reason the world is fucked up too ha
  6. It's a fuckin dollar,move one with your life....:rolleyes:
  7. I'm pretty sure OP meant for this to be applied in many situations and contexts... I'm positive he doesn't give a shit about a dollar. It's the stealing... ugh, that's what gets me, and obviously him.
  8. i get it..its just the principle of the issue:(
  9. Why do you deal with (and give money to) such lying assholes?
  10. The point is they arn't "lying assholes", I mean fool me once blame on you, fool me twice blame on me, but the first time they pull it, you're not expecting that because you trusted that person.

    Also, I don't give a damn about a dollar, I just used that as a parallel example of what happened.

    It's bull, trying to make me be the bad guy, because I don't trust her. No shit I don't trust her, she has every reason TO lie, since I can never prove otherwise. It's really messed up, especially when your "friends" pull this stunt, because it shows that they thought it through enough to know that they can get away with it, not like the spur of the moment your buddy steals your lighter, this had to be thought about.

    "Maybe he won't notice, maybe he won't care, and if he does, I'll just say he's crazy, and deny it for infinity"

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