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getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by master buddah, May 29, 2009.

  1. in my town people sell me 20bags as a 0.8 gram or 1.0 they dont rly go any higher then 1.1 or 1.2 which are my boys who would hook it up but normaly i get .9's or .8's am i getting ripped off?
    another quick thing, i see alot of people on here saying how u get chared different for different bud, i get some pretty dank shit for the same price as mids no one rly has regs in my town...atleast i havent seen it maybe once or twice is this strange?
  2. Nah man 20 a g is normal for where Im at. And ending up with like .8 or .9 sounds like a typical high school dealer really. All in all nah man your just getting a little shorted but hey we have "all" been there.:smoking:
  3. man i love cali's 10 doller grams=]

  4. haha yeah seriously. I'm thinking holy shit i get the same for half the price! I love California.
  5. It depends on the bud, if it's just some regular "hydro" you should be getting no less than a gram everytime. But if you buy from a guy who doesn't have a good connect himself and has to pay higher than usual, it's not so bad if that's who you got.

    I think you should be getting 1g atleast for $20 unless its some nice exotics.
  6. For cali dank its 15 a G. But my dealer hooks it up a lot.
  7. meh, you are pretty far down the food chain if thats the price you are getting.

    for 20 bucks you should get a full gram of dank, maybe .8 or .9 of some super dank legit jack herer or NL or any big name strain.

    Or you should get 2-4 grams of mids. an eighth is usual, but you can get it 5 a g, and sometimes you'll have to pay 10/g.

    Try to find out who hooks up the people you get it from. Not that thats easy to do, unless its a friend, and it sounds like you are sorta friends with some of them.
  8. yea im friends with most of the people with connects so i get hooked up usualy, i pick up 1\8ths for 60 so i dont think thats to bad at all 80% of the time i get really good shit too..thanks for the info guys
  9. I've seen eighths go for $50-90 at clubs in cali, where the hell are you guys getting it for $10 at?

  10. Mids cost me 5. Kush costs me 10. Really really really potent shit will cost me 15-30 a g, which is good since you have one hit of that shit and your beyond flyin'.
  11. 20 a g is for the bomb shit around here. mids usually 8-10, sometimes even as low as 5.
  12. $20 for .8-9 isn't all that bad. It really all depends on the area and knowing the right people. I can usually get like 3.8 of some real well grown mids for $20 or like 1.2 of some heads. I try to keep a couple of main dealers though, so when I buy off them every once in a while they can starp me.
  13. I forgot to add this in my last post. What you should do with heads is buy in bulk. Usually spending $30 dollars or so can get you like 1.7 with a lot of people which is better than $20 for just a grit.
  14. Unless its super dank you shouldn't pay 20 bucks for a .8 thats like 25 dollars a gram. I wouldnt pay that. So in short, pay no more then 15 for a gram. Don't believe people when they tell you it's very dank shit unless you know how to identify it.

  15. you pay up to $30 a g? You're getting hustled man.

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