Getting ripped off.

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    Have you ever been ripped off? By who? What did you do about it?

    Ps: I have a bit of a predicament I am currently trying to find a dealer I am younger and still in school and the people I buy from either 1 rip me off (I know a gram of dirt weed ain't no fucking $15 dick head) or I have to buy from a friend I don't mind buying through a friend I just fucking hate having to one wait and two smoke every last bit with him like shit man I just wanna find a good dealer to not rip me off.
  2. How old are you?
    Why won't your friend turn you on to his supplier?
  3. ^^^


    If you wanna find a dealer, I'd recommend being friendly and outgoing, but don't just start up a convo like, "hey guys, got any marijuana cigarettes?" It'll make you look like a narc...

    I'd suggest focusing on school, weed will come your way eventually.
  4. Stop calling them and find someone new.  You're an idiot if you keep buying their junk.  Find someone that's a good businessman even if you think you don't like them.  Hang out with more people instead of just your small group of friends.  Hang out with anyone that will hangout with you.  You might find that you enjoy more things.
  5. My friend won't turn me on his dealer because he is a dick and always wants me to smoke with him and I do focus on school I make sure I don't let weed slow me when it comes to school
  6. I suggest quitting smoking until your old enough to be taken seriously by people who sell weed

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  7. Why do you gotta be a Dick about it man I've been smoking for about 2 years and you acting like I'm some kinda freshmen punk I usually buy from my cousins and his dealer is a paranoid freak and won't sell to me and my other cousin rips me off and pinchs my bags and I myself don't know how to just get a new florist just like that
  8. I've never been "REALLY" ripped off ever since I started toking. I've always been close friends with whoever I get it from typically.
  9. try craigslist! those guys are so nice and totally not cops.
  10. You gotta put yourself out there man, I know for a fact there's at least 4 drug dealers in every high school

    R.i.p The Jive
  11. Yes. By a middleman. I beat his ass.
  12. That's gay.
  13. I was talking to OP. Not you, Beavis.
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    I've been ripped of a few times

    Best thing to do is just stop doing buisnes with shitty buisnes men

    No reason to "do something" and start shit you don't need

    All you want is weed

    he was talking about you beating another mans ass. Gay.

    Lighten up it was clearly a joke

  15. Only had 2 guys rip me and not be willing to make up on it. I told them to go fuck themselves when they tried to get me to believe their lies. 4 others have shorted me 'unintentionally' and made up for it when it happened with more than the short was worth.
  16. Oh, sorry. I need to smoke some weed.
  17. Usually if I get ripped off I usually don't go to that guy anymore or if I know them really well confront them and they usually quit. But I just ask if I need to bring a scale out to the car everytime I get a new guy so they know they can't rip me off without me knowing.
  18. In my final year of high school, I would get off some guy who got expelled a couple years before.
    Back then, I'd only buy 7g for $100, but he'd always be .5g or so short. He did give me my first bong though, for free as well.
  19. I got a half of incited bud once, what a piss off. Didn't buy from him again and a few mints later he ended up gettin raided anyway

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  20. Once I got ripped off, I got a number of a dealer from my friend, who said he was cool. I call and say I want an eighth. He pulls up next to my house, rolls down window, we talk he seemed cool and legit, he reaches down and pulls out a fat sack. I hand him the money, and the second he touches it the tires squeal and they all took off. He throws the bag at me,,, which turned out to be tobbaco,,, and shouts ,,,,, sike niggaaa

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