Getting Ripped Off

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  1. Since I've started, I have lost and got ripped off around 80 dollars total. And I am very mad and sad at the same time because it's just like throwing away 80 dollars in trash. Now I don't know if I should quit because I'm wasting so much money and always get ripped off somehow??

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    that sucks. it happens though. some people are just shady.
    grow your own or find a reliable source :bongin:
  3. Get a scale and a new dealer or have him weigh it in front of you and if he says no go somewhere else.
  4. You got some half way decent advice in the other thread.
    Wouldn't hurt to wait until you're older though. You'll likely learn to appreciate it more and be less paranoid :smoke:
  5. Would you quit listening to music because you bought some bad CDs?
    The problem is your hook-up, not your hobby.  Find someone who is reliable in your area.
  6. Over the years I've been ripped off like 3 times, once for $80, and twice for $40. Then there was one time where I got this really shitty half ounce, but it was only $80 so eh I don't really count that one.
  7. Money comes n goes man, don't stay stuck on money you lost in the past. Fuck it.

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