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getting rip off

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by raembo, May 8, 2011.

  1. so I just got ripped off...

    I suppose it's expected... and common thing in the society...
    I bought an eight, but only got 2.5g instead...

    I'm pretty pissed. but I wonder why would a dealer do such thing?
    isn't it better to have a steady loyal customer rather than ripping 1g out of every new customer?
    not mentioning that he won't have my trust anymore...
    what's in dealer's head when they rip people's off like this?
    coz I'm just tired of this bullshit.
  2. There needs to be more info. How dry was it? Did he break up Gs a while ago? It loses weight as it dries, eh. Maybe it wasn't on purpose. Did he have a scale? Gotta think about this stuff, man.
  3. No he doesn't have to. This man spent his hard earned money to get HI. Where I'm from I go back and get twice as much as what I'm pinched. So if I was you I'd go back and say hey buddy you owe me 2 grams or I take my fuckin money back. Moron
  4. ripping people off = more money. people in general will do anything for money (including drug dealers...) thats why... money is the motivation fool

    also, dealers typically only rip off the people they think wont know. such as new tokers who in most cases never have a scale or havent seen enough bud to eyeball it.. thats a smart dealer tho, only stupid ones would try and rip off a typical stoner.
  5. Anyways, sorry this happened to you if he did it on purpose. :(
  6. you sir just learned one of the biggest lessons in capitalism.. most profit for little loss.. you allowed this to happen, just like we as the general population allow big business to rape our wallets. THANKS RONALD REAGAN!
  7. But it would be smarter for the dealer to not rip him off so the dealer has 1 more customer and therefore sales all his weed quicker instead of gaining a gram and being able to sale his weed at the same rate.
  8. I'd just say what ever because at the end of the day he proboly relies on the money he makes from dealing to pay the rent. If he has one less customer it will equate to be his loss in the end. Get a scale or watch the weight it. I ask everytime and my dealer doesen't mind because what's important to him is that I keep coming back.
  9. Yah people around here always sell skimpy .6 or .7 dime bags of schwag..

    Luckily my dude, who is also a good friend of mine gets fire mids, has a accurate scale, and wants his customers to come back.
  10. Welcome to America bro, if its good bud be happy you didnt robbed over it. Dealers are buisness men and as said before they need to pay rent, etc.
  11. #11 atl purps, May 9, 2011
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    the point of my post was to recognize that any typical dealer that rips people off, generally rip off the stupid ones, not a typical stoner/customer. i.e the stupid ones who will buy weed from a connect for weeks without even realizing their being skimpedd. man we were all ripped off at one point, its just part of being a stoner. alot like how every stoner deals with a laced batch in their lifetime
  12. the only laced batch i've dealt with was laced intentionally with opium. i have never bought a bag directly from a dealer that i have thought was laced. i have gotten hold of bud that was so potent that it gave very vivid audio and visual hallucinations, which if someone doesnt expect that from bud i could see how they think it was laced..

    the thought of a dealer lacing bud with harder drugs is a little crazy. think about it, why in the hell would a dealer put a higher priced designer drug on pot? he's gonna sell that sack for 5-10 more than usual and lose most of the profit from the higher grade drug... im not saying it doesnt happen, just not a very smart idea on behalf of the dealer.
  13. Take this shit to apprentice tokers.
  14. ^anything constructive to add?

    and to the OP, just keep searching for a decent dealer that doesn't short ya, having a dealer that is chill w/ you is a great thing
  15. Yes actually, OP sounds like an inexperienced toker.

    If you can't eyeball weight, buy scales.
    And don't ever go back to the cocksucker who ripped you off.

    Get street smart children.

  16. the reason dealers lace shit is because they see bigger profits. im not sure why i have to explain this twice in this thread, but money is the motivation. since weed is illegal, theirs a black market and it can be sold at whatever price because it is not government controlled. so if a dealer does something such as rip someone off, lace a batch, there doing it because their expecting bigger profits. from my experience, you could sprinkle .05g of cocaine in a batch of weed, which in reality is probly only a couple dollars, and that would trip outt some first time apprenticies into thinking its some chronic.

    at a mere 5-10 dollars you can spike a batch, and most of the time the person who bought it would call you back saying "dudeeee that was the most wicked batch ive ever smoked", thats what a dealer wants to hear. if a customer is sayin that, you know damn well they wont be going anywhere else expect you if you givin them some decent deals once in awhile too

  17. Do you have any idea how much it ACTUALLY costs to lace some bud??

    Learn the game, understand the rules, and realize no dealer would waste their time lacing weed with cocaine because when that flame touches the coke it's going to burn all the chemicals away, so there is not point lacing it.

    Just to put it simply...
    Anyone intelligent would undestand this.

    I wish i could neg rep you for such a stupid post.

  18. LOL, that doesnt sound very "intelligent".
  19. #19 atl purps, May 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 10, 2011

    are you retarded? your definitely not intelligent.

    first off, lets get the facts straight. a g of pcp cost 20-30 dollars and and eight ball of meth is around 80 dollars. .05g of pcp/meth is enough to lace atleast 1gram of bud. .05g of pcp/meth is enough to get someone completely doped out if its their first times encountering the substance. if you did the math you would realize that .05g of meth or pcp is a couple dollars.

    dont believe me?

    gram of pcp = 25 dollars
    25 x .05 = 1.25 dollars

    1.25 dollars to lace each gram of bud, and from their you could sell this as "some trippy ass weed" for 20-30 per g. if your anything but retarded im sure you can draw your conclusions from here. ive made myself clear enough hopefully but its not hard to realize their is way more profit to be this way since the buisness pitch would be incredibly easy to sell. people who think of your bud as the best shit in town, ive seen it and have seen how people reacted.

    edit - cocaine isnt a good example. i shouldnt of used it, pcp /meth/ liquid codeine/heroin are the most common substances that are laced in weed, only way cocaine would work is if it was in freebase crack (smokeable form) .

    shit you could even lace it with salvia, that is an 15min intense trip and 10x is inexpensive. not to mention that it is legal in many of the US states

    also, before you try talking about "the game" you should probably do some research yourself. bud laced with pcp is called embalming fluid, which is a liquid form of pcp. people use to dip joints in it and ive seen people going to the hospital for days from doing that, so before you try talking about shit and downtalking my experience, look at it from a different perspective

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