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Discussion in 'General' started by pothead846, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. What is the best way to get rid of the smell after you've been smokng in your room and it reeks. Plus you've got parents who have some good wiffers that can smell this kind of shit very well? And while I do it, I have my windows open with fans going. And please don't just say, do it outside or somehwere else.
  2. use the search button, you'll find 80 million ideas....... seriously
  3. Incense man, incense, They cover up the smell of anything.

    If your parents ask you why your lighting incense, just say you like the smell. First time I started to use incense when I smoked in my room, my parents asked why I was lighting them. I just said I love the smell.

    I also told them I got them from my freinds mom. I dont know why, but saying something like that worked with my mom. If I told her I bought them, she would of known they were because of smoking.
  4. Just smoke out of the window, dont do it on consecutive nights either, like if you smoke when ur parents hav gone to bed and then go to bed, the smell will be gone by the mornin (SMOKE OUT OF THE DAMN WINDOW!!!!!!!!!)
  5. i'm not trying to take over this thread but i'm having a simular problem i bought insense and then started lighting it for a week and then my mom started bitching at me saying "i don't want you burning those things they smell the entire hallway up and i hate the smell" so i can no longer burn insense so i dunno what i can do to get rid of the smell...
  6. listen to cowofsteel........use the search button.......its so much easier than waiting for a reply..........
  7. is there an Illuminations anywhere near you? its a candle store, buy a cucumber pineappl candle in a glass's the strongest candle they have, and it actually smells pretty good. it masks the smell really well, i think it works better than incents. and the smell stays in your room for 3-4 days after you first light it.

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