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Getting rid of the munchies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by polak, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. How in the world do you get rid of the munchies without eating. Past few times I've smoked up at my house and just chilled, I just keep eating and its ridiculous cause i eat to the point my stomach will not take anymore. Basically, my munchies are soooo bad heh any suggestions?
  2. haha i hear ya, i usually just try and not watch tv its to tempting because its right next to my kitchen play some video games or something to get your mind off the great taste of sunchips! :smoking:
  3. Man I eat less when I smoke actually cause I am so used to having that slight emptiness in my stomach that is from smoking. You just need some willpower and it helps if your busy. Just tell yourself that your actually not hungry...just understand that and you should be fine.
  4. eat something with alot of fiber in it to fill you up, also good to add some protien in because it digest slow. After my wake and bake i have a bowl of shredded wheat and 2 eggs and the munchies dont kick in again til around lunchtime
  5. I've heard brushing your teeth beats it.. Not yet tried it though :rolleyes:
  6. Brushing your teeth right after smoking a hot J is really crazy...It feels so strange almost hurts stinging toothpaste.
  7. I actually eat a lot less when i smoke chronic. Just dont eat smoke more if you feel hungary

  8. good advice. try eating a meal replacement bar. those things fill up quickly and get rid of your munchies. thats if u dont wanna get fattening food.
  9. i don't wanna get you into anything bad but if you can control yourself do a little cocaine. That or drink Emergen-C , its a vitamin drink and you mix it with water so its really filling and its really healthy.
  10. ya about that^^^^

    im sure there are ways to avoid your munchies without doing cocaine....
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  11. Eat healthier food and it won't be a problem :p
  12. I rarely get the munches. It's so weird...
  13. I don't really get the munchies. I haven't eaten while high actually. Well I mean candy and gum, but i wouldn't count that.
  14. motha fuckah you makin' me hungry as hell cause i be havin munchines cause im high as a fucker fuck fucky.

    ill probably regret tis post i te mornting

  15. I wouldn't recommend blow as a way of curbing the munchies:eek:. I drink a lot of water/juice and this works for helps with cotton mouth :)
  16. I usually don't get the munchies too bad, or at all for that matter. Just eat like a couple tangerines or something. I doubt they can be that bad.
  17. I heard of that brushing your teeth thing, and to my surprise it worked. If anything it will at least make your munchies smaller. Also brushing your teeth while your high has to be one of the top feelings ever.
  18. I used to get them so bad, I'd also end up eating until I was in bad bad physical pain. Nothing I tried seemed to work, really, but eventually (after about four months of daily use) I'm no longer a slave to the munchies.

    THey just.. went away. Of course, so did most of the good highs and such too with a tolerance buildup..
  19. lol i was just saying that it does stop your appetite, but yea not recomended. Just go with water or the emergen-c vitamin drink mix lol. :p
  20. What i do to get rid of the munchies is that i drink a nice coffee. To me it really helps, dunno what u guys think.

    Brushing my teeth is also a nice way to keep me away from all this nice food :p

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