Getting rid of the middleman

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  1. I just started smoking regularly and I always have to ask a friend to hook me up through one of their dealers, I barely even speak to the actual dealer. How'd you get a reliable dealer to trust you so I don't have to keep using a middleman?
  2. Depends on the weight your buying.
  3. In the game almost everyone is a middleman except the grower. So unless your getting it from a grower then yea. But if you want the plug to trust you just have your friend introduce you get his number and cop a half o from him 2 days later or somthing or right then Idk in high
  4. I usually buy around 5g at a time
  5. Not to long then.

    Maybe (just maybe) your friend is taxing your deal. You said you barely speak to them so you do speak to them? Next time just be upfront and ask him its OK to just deal with him. You dont want to keep troubling your friend do you?...

    Its also a great idea ( a must ) to find other dealers. When things are dry its handy to be able to ring around and network. This has the added benefit of better quality and prices.
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