Getting Rid of Smoke Smell?

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  1. I'm going to a party tomorrow despite my parents catching me smoking a couple days ago
    there's going to be smoking at the party and i probably will smoke
    my main problems are :

    not my eyes their always white
    not my breath i'll just eat food and chew mints
    but my fingers tobacco and weed smell always stick to
    my fingers and cleaning them with soap doesn't really do the trick

    Any Advice? :confused:.

  2. spray fabreeze on yourself, and if they ask why you smell like smoke, say people were smoking cigarettes around you
  3. my parents don't know any of my friends smoke
    they would probably not let me hang out with them
    if they knew :mad:
  4. Just wash your hands with hand soap, make sure to get under the nails and scrub well. The smell will be gone.
  5. Baking soda man!! It does the trick i used to have this problem
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    get some isopropyl alcohol put it in a small spray bottle and get some salt. Spray your hands until they are visibly wet then pour the salt on your hands and rub them like you were washing your hands, then just run them under water after 20 seconds of scrubbing and put some hand sanitizer on your hands and voila no more smell and you have laboratory disinfected hands!


    Alch = 2$
    sprayer = 2$
    Salt = Cheap as fuck
    Sanitizer = free, find a girl with a handbag and she will have some guaranteed otherwise 1$

  7. Hand sanitizer, dish soap, a bit of cologne on your fingers, the possibilities are endless. When you walk in the door do your parents usually request to smell your fingers? Haha.

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