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Getting rid of ash in between use?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ByTheOcean, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I just got a bubbler. New to smoking. The bubbler has a small bowl. It takes about two bowls for me to get high. Is there an effective way of removing the ash from the bowl that I don't know about, or does everyone just use their fingers lol? Also after how many bowls is one supposed to replace the water?
  2. Two bowls to get high? What is it mids? But anyway, with a bubbler the ash tends to go into the water so i keep the water the same until im done smoking. Just let it snap into the water and clean ur piece after the session
  3. I Know what you mean, like trying to clear the ash inbetween rips. I had a bubbler and had the same problem at a point. I just have a paper clip and if I cant clear it I just use that. It works really well if it gets clogged to.
  4. If you burn incense, try using the end of a stick.
  5. as the owner of a pure white desk that I always smoke at ash has been the bane of my existence since for fucking ever, mostly try just ash my bowls on a plate or something nearby
  6. you could bend a paperclip around the bubbler near the bowl and use it to scrape it out onto something
  7. I usually just blow it out.
  8. blow it out if its a slide, or pound it on your hand
  9. suck it through into the water. I do it everytime, saves stocking it or emptying it out somewhere then needing a spot to ash.
  10. I normally just blow a lil on mine but see on a bubbler go with a paper clip best choice.
  11. Get the Kasher for your lighter (fits bics) :D

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  12. How about actually finishing the bowl lol?

  13. Snapping it, or pulling the weed through the opening. :D
  14. Paper clip or bobby pin. If it doesn't have water in it, cover the carb and blow out.
  15. I use a screen...and then just blow the ashes away they never stick around in unless your nasty and never clean your piece so the resin is actually in the bowl part and keeping your ashes from leaving
  16. Just let my pipe cool down on the window, then quickly and quietly empty it in the toilet. I feel less paranoid because I'm flushing the evidence. I used to just empty it in a pop can until my mom found them in my room and I got caught.
  17. Flushing shit down the toil itself makes me paranoid. Somehow I have this belief that there's a police presence in the sewage system and they're inspecting what comes down from my house. Then I remind myself that I live in Washington so I need to chill the fuck out. lol
  18. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Paper clips it is.
  19. Even if there were cops they couldn't trace it back to your place. Think about all those hard street drugs people flush

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