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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by dzadabz710, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Best ideas. Not generic go to college get a good job stuff. Unique ideas or inventions.
  2. somehow making it possible to gamble online and win real money playing first person shooters, sports games on 360 or playstation. I play Battlefield 3 so i think it would be amazing if clans could battle for a real pot of cash. Or gamble on your K/D , points per min etc.
  3. Sell the world a "mystery box".
  4. The moment I think of a way to get rich without qualifications or a job, I'll be sure to not post it here for you to steal.
  5. People play video games professionally and get paid for it and make more if they win, so yeah...
  6. become a horticulturist (grow weed)
  7. [quote name='"Project ICE"']become a horticulturist (grow weed)[/quote]

    Studying it in technical school it replaces highschool to earn me a college certification I know how to grow pot just can't now I am on probation for a M1 and my first offense I hate snitches giving my 17yo friend a smoke that's bs to get 2 yrs probation And a 300 buck fine
  8. I'm never going to be rich and I'm fine with that. Maybe I'll meet a woman who has a good job and things will be more comfortable for me. I don't know.
  9. Become a bullshit celebrity that has no real talent. Make a show for Mtv, get involved in a couple of scandals and then spend the rest of your life raking in the cash doing adverts.
  10. sorry keeping them all for my self
  11. sell your moms jewellery and buy scratch cards
  12. I heard that's what Steve jobs bill gates did
  13. I could make everyone in this thread get rich, if you all brought some money and met up with me somewhere to discuss ideas for a day and smoke weed together I can guarantee that we could pool our resources, come up with an idea, and all become rich together.
  14. And then you mug them all and become rich, ingenious sir.
  15. Wish it was legal to sell your own organs... the fuck do i need two kidneys for? I'd rather see 50k+ in my account for me to start a decent life.
  16. Same.
  17. Sell my soul

    Nah jk

    But am I already doing it?

    I think I am

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  18. Make a yard trimming business and hire 20 people, preferably mexican so i don't have to pay them a shit load. I'll just stay at home and make them go cut grass. Easy money man

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