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Getting resin out of percolators

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jzurich, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    2 ft Kaos with 2 4 arm tree percs.
    just wondering how could i get this HUGE resin ball out of the bottom perc chamber. I have an extremely heavy cleaning solution but no matter how long i let it sit nothing will do the trick.
    i love to see my pieces sparkly clean:)
    could anyone please help?

  2. Howd it get so dirty and clogged with resin in the first place?

    I use oxy clean though and it works well at getting res stains off but idk about that mass lol
  3. I'd leave that bitch to soak in boiling ISO.
  4. First off, put a large handful of coarse salt into the bong and try to maneuver the salt into the bottom perc. once there is a decent amount of salt in it, add your cleaning solution, and fill the perc about 3/4 full with it. Next thing you need to do is close off all holes in the bong. I usually put a bag over the mouth piece, with an elastic tightly around it so there is no leaks. I have a rubber stopper that fits snugly into the hole where the downstem is. Now you need to shake the living hell out of it, as hard as you can without the bong slipping out of your grip. What you are trying to do is break apart the large res chunk into many smaller ones, so you can try to work them out of the perc.
    Good luck OP
  5. Go to home depot and get some kind of acid. Sulfuric would probably work really well. But be sure to clean it out extremely well after it soaks in the acid.

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