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getting reckless

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by macattack87, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I began to notice something about my smoking sessions.

    I like to smoke in my dorm at school right before i go to sleep everynite. I have been doing this for the past year now.

    At school I have a private room, so my worries was never my roommate finding out but people from the rooms next to me.

    When i first started i used to be soo paranoid, I would take a hit from my bowl blow it out the window through a sploof and then air freshen. I also put a towel under my door and ran a fan. :(

    I didnt want to take any chances.

    But now i noticed that i dont even care anymore.

    Just now i smoked a huge blunt in the middle of my room with the window closed. I didnt even spray air freshener after.:smoke:

    I had no worries about getting caught at all.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    maybe we are all just too paranoid about getting caught sometimes

    and the longer you do it the less paranoid you get.
  2. Be careful bro, its time like these when your guard is down that you can get REALLY screwed man, be chill about the herb, but never TOOOO chill, you know
    Happy toking
  3. till you get that dreaded pounding on the door :(
  4. Yea.

    You're on your way to getting caught.

    Being paranoid can be good, especially when you are smoking in a college dorm. You are risking way to much.
  5. your getting reckless son step it up:smoke:
  6. Lol blunts stink the hell outta my room...I wouldn't consider it smart to do that.
  7. i get reckless, get busted, become paranoid. repeat x infinity. i need to stop giving a fuck. expect the worst, hope for the best.
  8. so...its been like 20 minutes since i smoked and no sign of any trouble yet lol

    i'm thinking bout smoking another 1

    lol :smoke:
  9. yeah man, not busting your balls, but you might be too high to care, but as the guy before me said, when the poundin on the door starts, its too late to care again :p

    *knock on wood* hope you can continue to enjoy the herb in peace, bra :)
  10. lol this kids probably sitting in the campus security office as we speak.

    seriously dude?

    is that worth getting kicked out of your school? just go back to your spoof man. no biggy.

    Or just go on a walk...
  11. actually i'm still here...

    i think it just isnt getting out of my room...and then the smell dissipates.....
  12. I'm with you on this OP. We had a long weekend here at school that just ended today, and for the whole weekend, i've been smoking weed/cigarettes in my room, hallway, etc. I'm not too concerned anyway because my school is so liberal, but I think I should start being more cautious, probably a bad habit to get into.

  13. well if hes anywhere in the midwest i know he won't be going on any walks right now
  14. lol, hell yea

    like a couple feet of snow and freezing as fuck

  15. no snow anymore but still cold as fuck im counting down the days till summer i miss those warm nights like no other
  16. i've learned that you should always take a few precautions even if you think you wont get caught. i felt the same way as you, but the one time i just didn't give a fuck and was blowing smoke everywhere in my room was the time i got caught.

    if you're gonna be lazy about it, i would say you should at least leave the window open. don't just smoke a blunt without taking any precautions unless you don't give a fuck about getting caught because you might get away with it now, but it's likely that you might end up in trouble one day from it.
  17. youve got a private room with a window you can open... why risk getting caught? open the window, not too hard..
  18. Whoa dude, you really are getting wreckless, i think weed is no reason to be kicked outta college. You dont have to be paranoid about smoking, but dont get cocky with it. Just throw a fan in the window when you toke and sit near it. Once again; weed is no reason to get kicked outta college
  19. Yea one time I hotboxed my room and slept in it because I forgot to air it out :smoke:
  20. today was more an experiment if anything,

    i'm prob. guna go bak to take similar precautions like before but i just wanted to prove to myself that i wasn't going to get caught so i never get paranoid again

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