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Getting really stoned/high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by -Tom-, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. So I've been smoking for a few weeks now with my mates. Haven't smoked a lot, because it's normally shared between 6 or more of us. Plus we smoke blunts.

    Anyway, the question I want to ask that so far when I've got high/stoned the feeling has only last for 10 minutes.

    After 2 joints I felt like I was being pulled to the floor, as if a force was pushing from above. But that goes after about 10 minutes, never ever had the giggles.

    Am I just about getting stoned/high and need to smoke more to feel a stronger feeling?

    I think the problem here is that I think about it too much and expect to have strong side effects like alcohol.

    Is it because the weed isn't that good or I'm just not that stoned to really experience it?

  2. The pushing/pulling to the floor are the effects of a strong Indica.

    About the "not being that high" it is because you are thinking you aren't that high. I think cannabis is 80% psychological and about 20% the drug itself, this is explained easily because you are able to function normally while high. You can control it, and I can even turn my highs off if I really need to.

    Just sit and enjoy it, I would say think about how high you are instead of how much higher you could be.
  3. Yeah, I think that's the problem I think too much about it and expect to feel the same feeling when you're really drunk, in the sense that it's easily noticeable.
  4. yeah dont analyze it. just enjoy it and you'll feel it lasting for a lot longer.
  5. The two above posters know what there talkin bout. Dont be like "how baked am i now?" or youll just turn it off. So put your brain on hold, and just sit back and enjoy the ride.
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    I believe a large amount of it depends on the person. I have a friend who doesn't even know she is high unless she smokes out of a pipe cause it makes her lips numb?, which really confuses me.

    When I smoke 6 bowls out of my bong, it's obvious I'm high and the effects are strong, and I can easily feel them. I guess thats not the case for some people, sucks to be them. :p

    Also, are you guys smoking right cause If I'm completely baked, there isn't really a way to turn off the effects.
  7. If you're smoking blunts, the wrap has a lot to do with it. A better cigar (Garcia Vega, Antonio y Cleopatra) will be smoother, and your hit will be big, and you'll hold it longer(thus getting higher). Thinking about it too much can fuck up your high though, so that might be it. If you're using harsher cigars (swishers, cheap gas station cigars) you mgiht not be able to inhale as well (especially if you don't smoke cigs).

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