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Getting really sick from smoking too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chronichouse93, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. its happened to me two times. the first time i rolled a joint with some dank shit. my first time smoking dank, well, it all felt good for a couple of hours and then i satred feeling it. i was kinda nauseous but i ignored it and let me tell you i was trippin balls. well after a half hour i felt the nauseous feeling again and this time i knew that i wa gonna puke. so i ran o the bathrooma dn made it just in time, for the next hour i was throwing up heavily. i threw up so much that i got weak and passed out and woke up 3 hours later. its called greening out. just dont oversmoke. after thati had a second time which i had smoked a 2g blunt all on my ownand i hads the same thing happen. but yea a few tips, never smoke on an empty stomach, smoke your weed slowly, and dont ever make the mistake i did.... NEVER UNDERESTIMATE WEED, especially dank stuff well i hope this helps, keep toking
  2. I don't really know where to ask this, but I haven't seen many posts elsewhere addressing something similar so I figured i might as well.
    A couple of days ago my friend told me I should try a gravity bong he had made. We didnt have a lot of weed and he said it would make the most of it, so I figured why not.
    I've never used one before and I guess I underestimated how well it'd work.
    Stupidly, I took 5 hits one after another without waiting for the effect to kick in.
    Afterward everything just began to spin. I figured it would go away so I walked home and tried to ignore it.
    Once i got home I just felt nauseous. I hadnt really eaten much that day so I blamed it on my empty stomach and lied down trying to fall asleep.
    Once I did though I just lost my mind. My sister was talking on the phone in the other room and her voice was just echoing, it felt as if it was bouncing off the walls.
    I also felt like I was seperate from my body, as if my mind and consciousness were one being and my skin, hair, muscles and all that superficial stuff was just covering me, and as a result i couldnt see the room clearly becasue all this superficial stuff was in the way, like a foggy screen of the inside of my body was just blocking my view. Its hard to explain.
    I tried to focus on the room and get a grip and it kind of worked but at that point I just began to feel every single movement in my digestive system. I started to dry heave and then puked a bit.
    For the next few hours i was just dry heaving and vomiting unable to move.
    I wanted desperately to fall asleep but i couldn't cause every time i closed my eyes my mind would just go off into this crazy stream of thought that i just couldn't handle.

    Eventually it did pass though and I fell asleep but i woke up the next morning feeling like absolute shit. I figured that was understandable and it'd go away but its been 3 days now and I just want to sleep forever. I just feel depressed and sluggish and weird.

    I dont think the weed was laced or anything like that cause my friend, who just had a bit less than I did was fine. It was probably that I'd jsut smoked too much, too quick, and i have heard of people getting sick from that.
    But this wasn't just sickness, it felt like a really terrible trip that i couldn't escape from, and I jsut find it weird that after so many days I still feel so strange.

    I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and if it'll pass?
    I really want to smoke again, but I'm worried i'll have that same experience again and just end up feeling worse.
  3. You answered your own question multiple times; you smoked too much, plain and simple.
  4. Simple. Like you guessed, you smoked too much. That can happen. Especially if it's your first few times and you're inexperienced. You should definitely not let it push you away from smoking. You will enjoy it, you just need to moderate yourself until you have more experience being stoned. Gravity bongs are notorious for fucking people up. I personally love them, but I can understand how if someone has never tried them, it can be sketch.
  5. Taking 5 hits out the g bong before letting it sink in? That's why you got sick my friend, as an expereinced smoker I can say a couple rips out the g bong gets me pretty ripped and 5 would just get me fucked up (1L aquafina g bong with pipe bowl melted into cap) I reccomend next time just taking 1 rip, youll be high as bawlz and it will be fun
  6. next time, take less hits and space out the hits. dont take 5 hits within 2 mins. take 2 hits within 5 mins.......

    watch this next time you are high:

    [ame=]Spiders On Drugs - YouTube[/ame]

  7. Ahahahahhaha the crack-cocaine spider figured buidling webs was for suckers hahahhahaha i LOL'D so fucking hard :D
  8. I would try and answer but I am unfamiliar with this unit you're using, what is 'too much' exactly?:smoking:
  9. Weed drops your blood sugar like a rock. If you smoke too much too fast, especially on an empty stomach that's going to happen. Just have a sugary drink handy.

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