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Getting really high = waste?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WeeD BurPs, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. whenever i get really high, almost everytime i either get REDIC munchiez or get real tired. BOTH kill the high. so now i just blaze till im satisfied. usually just 0.1 or 0.2 in vape is enough!

    even after eating a bigger dinner and having a big bun sess = munchiez again!! anyone else seeing getting high as a good shortterm but sucks dick the next morning when you wake up and wish you had more
  2. What has been my problem with weed is getting high then eating non-stop until I go to sleep or have eaten all the food (which basically never happens I got food up the ass). There is nothing wrong with that except the fact that I have been waking up with the shits after everyday I smoke. My stomach has been so owned. Also I am packing on a gut from all the munchies. Ooh well. Love the herb.

  3. funny you say this because i to have the shits in mornings sometimes. i read somwhere that you should eat atleast 90 minutes befoer you go to bed because your metabolism slows down when sleeping and if you have a big meal you stomach might not be able to digest it in time, so just shits the next morning. but man i conserve as much weed as possible and imo i would rather have a small high all day then be really high for a bit. thats just me
  4. not at all food is the best
  5. ^ Yes food IS the shit. Its just not fun when it rips your stomach apart. I know part of the "shits in the morning after blazing" comes from all the different types of munchies and drinks mixing together and making ur stomach into a mess.
  6. i like doing a lot of weed at a time for the experience, but sometmes it does have a bit of a hangover
  7. It might be the weed, alot of times regs/mids and even some danks cause me to crash about 2 hours after smoking, maybe try some different strains or using a spoon or bong, different types of pieces can give you different highs
  8. stop smoking by yourself

  9. lol i know what you mean

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