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  1. I am in the process of building a micro cab that will be 24"w x 14"d x 30"h(made from an old dresser). I will be running cfls 3-68w 4200 lumen and 2-55w 3860 lumen. I know it maybe a lil overkill but as long as i can cool it right? Running a 50 cfm bathroom exhaust fan and 6" x 6" intake hole. Inside painted flat white. How does that sound so far?

    Thinking of doing a clone sog(2 week root, 2 week vegg in 16 oz hempy, then into 2 liters, 1 week recover, then flower) in 2 liter hempies once I find a fit mother. how does that sound?

    Also been growing from bagseed but looking for at least 10 strains to order. I really need some for pain, and sleep but will also need something i can still do my daily activities. so i guess 5 kush strains, 3 other for pain and sleep, and 2 for daily activities. Any suggestions??? Can you help me please GC!!!!
  2. Sea of green calls for 1 plant per sq ft. you have 2 ft x 1.1 ft = 2.2 square feet.
    This means you can effectively grow 2 sea of green plants for this cabinet.
    As for CFL, you need 100w+ per plant. You would have a total of 314w which would be great for 2 plants.
    If you grow painkilling/relaxing strains, make sure they are mostly indica dominant if not completely indica. They will most likely double in size so flower around 1 ft and you'll have enough room. Be sure to trim the bottom branches as these won't receive that much light.
  3. 50cfm might be able to do it without a filter, but I'd be kinda surprised.. I think you should up your cfm on your fan a little and get a speedcontroller. Or I always recommend panasonic whisper bathroom fans...they're a few extra bucks but worth it imo. ask fer details ;)

    6" x 6" would be ok if it was unrestricted...make sure if you're lightrapping it to account for any air restriction the trap puts on make it bigger if you're doing weird 90degree turns or dark filters to lightproof.

  4. What would u suggest as far as exhaust and intake. Intake will be holes in the top of a double floor so intake from bottom outtake through top.

    And my sog will consist of 18 2 liter pots or 36 20 oz pots.
  5. If I decide to go with lst/topping/fimming and go with 2 plants, how long should I veg and what size pot should I use? Will 1.75 gal work for 4-6 week veg and will a 3gal work for 8-10 week veg? And I'm going with the hempy buckets.
  6. I'd do about 4-5 gallons for a month veg..seems like a long veg for such a small space though.
  7. I figured since I would be topping and lsting it would slow growth a bit which would require a couple more weeks of veg, at least that's what im thinking. And they say that the max pot size for hempy should be 3 gal. I was told 6 foot plants were grown in 3 gals without any issues and of course mine want be half that size. I'm going for 24" finishers.

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