Getting ready to flower, any tips?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Greencamoflaugh, May 22, 2010.

  1. So I got 4 ladies in my grow cabinet under CFL's. They are 10 in tall.

    So what I am unsure about is:

    Watering and or flushing before\after the switch?

    Transplanting: I have them in 1 gal pots, and am limited on space. Should I go bigger or will keeping them in 1 gal be O.K.?

    Nute schedule?

    Pruning before the switch?

    Anything else you guys think I should know?

    The room will be 100% light proof, and the lights will be on a timer.

    Thanks in advance guys. I am going for a bike ride and will be back to answer any questions and pass out some rep in a bit.
  2. on the pots 1 gallon per month. so your due. not much else changes--except the lights 12-12. follow nutes sch for brand your using.
  3. Fox Farm nutes. Grow big, tiger bloom, big bloom.

    So I need to flush, then transplant, then wait a few days to switch the lights?
  4. just switch ur lights and follow the feed schedule. go to the website and get the feed schedule. if you got ur shit from a hydro store they def have copies u can get. if u got ur shit online u need to go to FF website and get the pdf jaun. good luck

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