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  1. Ive got a good stealth closet spot im making up, with a full ventalation system going to the roof, im planing on getting a 150 hps light for flowering, and a few floresent bulbs for the veg stage. Ive been reading up about growing and am tired of spending all my money on bud i smoke in a weekend hehe i want my own stash. ive got the an idea in mind to have two chambers one for the mother plant which is always in veg stage and one that i take cuting from and use root growth harmone to grow im cut up water bottles this chamber will always flower. im not 100% sure how all this works though its just an idea right now. i was wondering if i could get some advice from some experts.. any help guys would be greatly needed thanks ahead of time.

    P.s. ill get pics of the grow space soon
  2. Thanks the space in the flowering chamber is 5' feet tall and 2 feet 4 inches across, i was thinking is this too tall? i mean i have the ventalation system at the bottom and the top... hmm my cammera is charging maby ill make you a diagram for you in paint -makes picture- okay maby that will give you an idea of the flowering chamber. The Veg chamber is much shorter but has the same foot print.

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  3. Nope, no such thing in an indoor grow. Set-up looks good, but I recommend you put the exhaust at the top, though,because that's where the hot air will go naturally. Put the intake at the bottom, so it will be drawing cooler air into the space.
  4. Hm good idea and sence oxygen is lighter it will get sucked out before the Co2 does. thanks.
  5. Hm could i use the Hps light to continue the veg cycle of the little clones in there untill they are the hight i want for flowering, should i put some floros in there as well to help with the veg cycle? and what kind of reflectors should i put on the walls on the growing space i heard tin foil that i was planin gon using causes heat spots, if so what should i use?
  6. the HPS is the best all for reflection, use a good white paint, it has the best reflection rate, for the $ spent.........Peace read the guide under my sig, it will help you........Peace out.............Sid

    ps you could be doing with maybe an extra foot of's why.........12" pot.....12" plant flowering to 36" approx.......10" gap between light and plant, and the size of the light itself..........approx 10"...........
  7. Would it be helpful at all to add 2 halogen lights aswell? i just found some with a dinner switch.
  8. NO.....halogens are bad for the plant, and produce too much heat as well.........Peace out.........Sid

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