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  1. I have a cab about 2.3 sqft with about 29" height(maybe 26" height from floor to lights). I have 314 (3-68w 2700k, 2-55w 2700k) watts of cfls with around 20000 lumens and may add a few in the 6500k for a dual spec. This will be my flowering cab. I will be vegging/mothering/cloning in a rubbermaid with around 6 23-26w 6500k.

    First I will be starting off 6-8 seedlings to try and find a mother or 2 but if I end up with more females, I will go ahead and flower those or I'm thinking of taking clones of each and flower them since their mixed bagseed, then i can find the best mothers with the best quality out the bunch.

    Once I find my mothers i will be attempting a perpetual weekly harvest but I have a question regarding veg time. i know not all plants are the same but need to know an estimate. I'm also going with passive hydro. If i flower in 2 liters, how long should I vegg in 16oz cups? or if I flower in 16oz cups how long should I vegg? I am trying to end up with 12"-18" tall colas. So can anyone help me out. and sorry bout the essay.
  2. it's kinda random with seeds how long to veg..I know that's not what you wanna hear but there's just so many variables.

    I'd say with good healthy growth a solo cup is good for a few inches of veg and a 2 liter maybe a foot. It mostly depends on how mush rootmass they develop...the more roots, the more nutes they're using from the soil, and they faster they'll get rootbound. You need some room for the roots to expand when you flip into flower.

    with clones however, I flower them out in 20oz water bottles and flower at about 2-3 inches to get a nice 16-18 inch cola....if I did a clone in a 2liter I'd top it a few times and bush it out a little but still flower it out when it's only 6-8" tall.

    hope that helps somewhat :p

  3. Yea thanks!!!This somewhat gives me an idea of how I might do them but I'm only really looking for single colas. You said that if you put a clone in a 2 litter you would top a few times then flower at 6-8 inches, how would it turn out? Would it take up much space because i'm going to either stuff my cab with 32 solo cups or 18 2liters? With that being said would you change anything?
  4. I prefer square containers. ;)

    I dunno about getting a single cola out of a 2liter..I've seen it done but it mostly depends on strain. I suggested topping a few times to keep the 2liter plants the same height as the solo plants...2liters would probably end up with 1/2 - 1 oz and the solos can pull 1/8 -1/4 ...I'd personally just go with all small containers, do clones and flower them out at 2-3'll end up with 16-18 inch colas, and you can pack em in there way tighter then 2 liters. check out the Drbudgreengenes style of growing...I follow his methods with a few slight changes.

    solocups are top heavy :( check out fiji water bottles or the cardboard cartons for milk... :)

  5. Thanks ok I may try that or i may just do both and see which one works best for me or how does this sound putting two clones in each 2 liter for a total of 36 clones, putting in 2-2liters per week for 4 clone a week for 9 week strain? I can only fit 32 solo cups in there though. I really only plan to start seedlings in the solo cups and may flower clones in 20 oz gatorade bottles or two per 2 liter. How does that sound and what would you do and what do you do now for perpetual?
  6. I think it will all work fine..I'm just not sure why you want to use 2 different sized containers to flower in? It just seems easier to me to keep everything uniformed and all in the same containers. If you do 2 in each 2liter I think they'll grow fine together, but you could fit 4 of the small water bottles in the same area, with 4 plants...and I think that would be more space efficient....only downside is more plants. With small grows I find it far more efficient to just grow all small plants...with just a single cola in each rather then trying to go for bigger plants that are trained out and vegged longer.

    As far as cycling plants in for perpetual..I tried to do a plant everyday once...huge's so much work, I had like 10 containers around my room in different phases of drying, curing..I think it's best to cycle every 2-3 weeks with more instead of doing 2x 2liters a week, do 4x 2liters every 2 weeks or 6x every 3 weeks....weekly harvest might sound appealing now...but harvesting that often ends up'll be chopping stuff down while your last harvest might not even be dried/cured yet. Drying and curing can be a delicate process and it stinks up your house too :D ...all just my opinion though!

  7. sorry if I confused you but the only reason I was going to run 2 different container sizes was to find which one will work best for my application. i just plan to stick with one container size whenever i can decide on which. I heard somewhere bout some 3 inch tree pots. They are square and kinda tall but cant remember exact height but a lil more space then 20 oz bottles but take up near the same space. And since I'm going with smaller plant numbers, I dont mind harvesting weekly but when i upgrade to more plants toward 50-100 then I will prolly go every 3 weeks. And the only reason I want to use larger containers is to go a lil longer between watering. How often do you have to water in your 20 oz bottles? And yeah i know it stinks the house up from my last grow but I will have odor control this time even in the drying box.
  8. oh I get ya..

    I think the treepots you're thinking of are the 'mt38' treepots..very similar in size to the fiji waterbottles or pint milk containers...I'd rather use the tree pots myself but I'm too lazy to order them :) ..also there's the 'mt2510' treepots, taller versions.

    Watering times change alot depending on the size of plant...early on you can water every few days, but towards the end you have to water almost daily. You can set up automated watering or other things to make it easy though. Alot also depends on your airflow and temps..and how close the pots are together. With the square containers I have to water less because I can pack em side by side..round ones will dry out quicker because they get more airflow in between. You actually want to water more often though...that means the plant is using and receiving more food/water. If you only had to water once a week I'd suggest getting more airflow to the plants to dry them out quicker, or more light/'s important for oxygen to get to the roots.

  9. yeah and I have another question for ya. What are your average weights in the 20 oz and the 1 liters? I may steer toward the smaller containers but still may try out a few 2 liters jus to see the difference in weights. I thinking after I cut clones and they root, I will put them in their container and give them 1 week to get use to it and let the roots spread a bit before flowering. I am really looking to at least get half lb out of my setup per 9weeks cycle. I would need near 14 grams per 2liter or 7 grams per 20 oz. Which do you think would be more reliable to get my numbers. A half lb may last me 10 weeks the way I toke(3gs per day breakfast, lunch, dinner). So if I can supply myself with sufficient smoke I would be happy. Is this possible with my setup. I have around 8500+ lumens per sqft and 130+ watts per sqft.
  10. I usually pull 5-7g out of the 20oz'ers..but that's in a dialed system, starting out will have smaller yields till you get certain strains and your environment figured.

    A guy named Blynx at ICmag has done alot of runs in a 1 sq foot cab...various wattages and various plant numbers and sizes. Really worth checking out, the guy does the best updates I've ever seen for a grow. I think he's pulled close to 2 oz's in a square foot cab under cfl.
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  11. Thanks for all your help Bong!!! Seems like you were the only one who would lend me a helping hand. I just want to ask you this because i'm really trying to supply myself with enough smoke. With my setup or with some advice on some changes can I get a half lb every 9 weeks once my perpetual takes off? Really not tryna run out before another harvest because that would defeat the purpose of me growing. I dont want to have to purchase from street dealers anymore because of quality and risks dealing with dealers. I smoke at least 3gs a day maybe more if i'm having complications.
  12. I really enjoyed reading your thread and have a similar idea in mind. I would love to know how your grow goes. sorry I found your thread so late.

  13. it helped me

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