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Getting Pulled Over

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iLikeOreos69, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. So a friend of mine got pulled over the other day and he said that when the cop asked him to follow the light on his flashlight he turned his head. He said it as if it were a bad thing and I don't know why. He also had to like put one foot in front of the other and I'm really bad at that. Even when sober I have sooo much trouble doing that so like if I ever get pulled do you think they'd believe me about my balance probs?
  2. Smoke more weed.
  3. Nah, they'll see anything out of ordinary as a chance to get you in trouble, even if they don't think your high.
  4. They might believe you if your sober explaining it, But if you were high as fuck it might be a different story
  5. Nope. You're fucked.
  6. If you get pulled over. You are doing something wrong. Make sure you have your tags in dates head and tail lights working. At night put that thing in cruise control right at the speed limit. During the day use your head and go with the flow of traffic.
  7. I smoke every night before my night shift at the airport from 12-3. Hasn't effected my driving at all. Zero difference high or sober, ive been smoking for 10 years. One thing I won't do is smoke and drive. Anything can happen, other cars on the road. Just cruz baby.
  8. God some people's thoughts on the police are fucking outrageous...

    Bro you realize 95%+ of cops are normal people just like you and I, right? Many of them even smoked weed before their job told them they can't anymore. I've talked to literally like 10+ cops about weed and had them tell stories and shit.

    Also, most of them prefer NOT to have to write tickets for minor shit like public intoxication or having a couple grams, and will just tell you to go home, put it out, or take your shit from you depending on the cop. It takes them like half an hour to do the paperwork after a single ticket/arrest, it's really not worth their time for minor things.

    That being said, on a DUI if they think you're high/drunk and you fail the test you're fucked. If you only fail one part of the test (balance issues), you could probably fight it in court. DUIs are one thing they don't fuck around with, serious matter, even if many of us are better high drivers.
  9. LOL I wish cops were chill/lazy like that here, however, everything you just described is about the exact opposite for cops in my city. The only way for them to keep their job is to do their job, they have to have a certain amount of times of "serving justice" so they go for the easiest shit they can. And when things like being pulled over happen, a least two cop cars show up and they don't care if you're running late or something like that, they have nothing better to do in their shifts. I live in a very crime-free place so they will go for anything. All in all there are the occasional warning release cops but all the other ones are bastards
  10. Does anyone know what is wrong with the cop asking you to follow his light w/ your eyes then moving your head? It seems like a really simple mistake.
  11. If you're riding dirty you shouldn't be doing ANYTHING that will get you pulled over.

    If you do get pulled over straight up admit to whatever you were actually pulled for. Speeding, littering, no seatbelt, light out, expired whatever. Don't even try to talk your way out of that, because if you get a traffic ticket that is soooo much better possession or DWI. Plus if you're honest with the cop (about everything but the weed) he may just let you go.

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