getting pulled over with crotched weed

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    So lets say you have a bag of cannabis in your crotch and you get pulled over. If you give consent to search does that mean u are allowing them search in your pants aswell? also if you refuse consent and they get a dog out there can the dog alerts on you and can they then go in ur pants? is a warrant needed to search in your crotch? maybe a dumb question but i was just wondering...
  2. i dont know the answer, but that made me laugh hahahahaha.

    "is a warrant needed to search in your crotch?"
  3. If they cant feel it, like its not a huge amount, and it's well crotched, like it CANT fall out, i wouldn't worry about it, but i would still give the pig a hard time about searching. Doing so CANT get you in trouble, and lieing down is never the best option.

  4. well i asked cause i was just watchin some cop show on spike and the cop pulled this dude out of his car and just snuck a peek right in his pants then plunged his hand right in:confused:
  5. but if you say no and they bring a dog out your fucked right?
  6. Thats kinda gross lol just walk up to the guy look in his pants then start grabbing.... :bolt:

  7. thats wat im sayin, i think the cop was hoping to grab more than a bag of weed
  8. Dude, if it's crotched, why would cops be involved in the first place?
  9. not a bag of weed at all haha
  10. more like a sack of nuts hahaha

  11. Well maybe but think about it. If the cops are going to search you and find something if you agree, you might as well not let them search you and call in a dog. If your gonna get fucked by a search you might as well make it a pain in the ass to do.

    EDIT: Reason being they might not want to go through all the trouble.
  12. Were the pants sagging? (you said he snuck a peek) because if the weed was in plain sight the cop has the right to search, that is probable cause. if not then that's an illegal search...
  13. If you play it cool and politely refuse to consent to a search, the cop will not call for dogs.

    When I got pulled over with weed on me for speeding, the officer said asked me if he could take a look around in there, which includes me, as well. I said, "Officer, I know you have a job to do but I do not consent to any searches," in the most polite way possible.

    He let me off with a warning.

  14. na he was wearing gym shorts, though he did have a large zip lock bag down there, prolly looked like an odd shaped buldge so the cop thought he would investigate with his bare hand
  15. Yeah I seen that on like the intro thing. Ever seen the Cops episode where the black dude is running and he jumps a wall that's like taller than him? He should have been in the NBA, he had mad hops.
  16. lol

    dude i got pulled over the other day cause my taillight was out (i didnt have anything on me) and this police bitch insisted to find out what was in this film container on the dash. It was change so i wasnt worried but it psyched me out that she was so attentive. Its hard to be totally safe driving with weed :(
  17. if they feel it on your nuts, simply say:

    my nuts are about to drag the ground, i havent gotten any in a while and beating it aint my style, is that a crime officer?
  18. I live in a country where there is not "consent" to any search, if they want they search but my car was NEVER searched and they usually don't do it unless they have a REAL suspicions nothing bullshit like you guys have over in the US....

    Anyway on a way to a rave undercover cops were pulling every 2nd car for a search and we were there... I had 5g of THE MOST DANK WEED I EVER HAD and it smelled like WILD FOREST and it was in my crotch... I could smell it from there and thought i was done...anyway the cops searched the car lightly but search pockets pants shoes etc.... his face was at the level of my crotch while he was checking the lower part of my pants and I thought thats fucking it he will smell it now...and nothing he didnt find or smelt shit I was so relieved OMG! :hello:
  19. Do you know your rights as a US Citizen? You have them. They're there to protect you from stupid shit like a cop grabbing your nuts because you don't have the brains or balls to tell him "No, sir."

    Stop giving consent to searches and you will be fine. Police LOVE to play on the sheer naievity of the common American.
  20. The one that sucks, is when an officer "smells marijuana".

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