getting pulled over by po 9, what do i do

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dhes1234, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. yea, i have been smoking for quite a while, the first years were the best. Being a youthful teen, i didnt care were i smoked. I would smoke every where, didnt care, in middle of parking lots, driving, beach, u name it i probably smoked there. However, as i grew holder and headed to college, i realized what a big risk it is. Especially now, since i turned the dreaded 18. What makes this worse is that i am an a permant residant, moved from belgium 13 years ago. I am in the process of becoming a citizen, since i do not want to be deported if iget arrested for possesion, GO USA i love it here. I have a clean record, no problems with law. Recently, i got pulled over at college at 2 am, i had my water pipe (side car) on me, i just finished smoking some week hash mix with a resin ball. The pipe was pretty clean. I started to freak out- my life could be instantly changed, for the worse. I have so much to loose, an aspiring lawery to be, polticion maybe too could all be at risk. he pulled me over for my tag being out, even though it was not. So if he had to search my car and found my pipe, with no cannabis in it, would he arrest me? i believe not, illeagl search, he had no proble cause right? he asked me if had anything in my car that he should know about. i told him no, luckly he did not search, and gave me a non moving violation. Cops are to protect and serve, not to harras and provoke. am i right or am i right??/?//
  2. Where you are sooo fucking free.. that you can't even smoke a joint.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my country. But they really can fuck your life up over just this type of shit here.

    And I wonder.... did he say your tag light? Because yeah.. if your license plate light is not working at night you are fair game.

    Plus... 2 AM is bar closing time in the USA.. so they are really out hard at those hours.

    But as long s you raise no suspicion you'll probably be fine. You must have done well or the police would have hung around more. If you don't act all paranoid then you'll be fine.

    Just don't get a criminal record. If they see you have a record then you'll almost always have a bad time after they run your name.

    They are to serve and protect. Funny thing is... their bosses make them feel that they are protecting by getting the "devil's weed" off the streets.

    Or anything else they deem criminal for that matter.
  3. Yep, Get used to it...i've been stopped 6 times in the last two years. Twice while driving (they were legit) , twice while parked (complete harrassment) and one bullshit pullover in a school parking lot becuase he had something against one the my passengars. each time i've had weed and a glassbowl on me... and gotten out of every one of them except one smoking fine
  4. norml has some good advice at:

    just remain calm, don't act nervous. keep things concealed, and just keep thinking "he has no clue what is in this car" and act as if there is nothing there anyway.

    i personally gave up driving around smoking a long time ago... i got pulled over mid-puff once. i had taken one hit off my one-hitter, within a couple minutes lights are swirling. irolled all my windows down, pulled over slowly. he checked my breath, probably for alcohol but thank god for mint gum anyway!
    i left, shaky but free as a bird. i remained calm while he was there, fed him my honest story about being tired and speeding a little so i could get home sooner, apologized and promised to drive slower ~ i was going about 80 mph in a 65 zone.. he didn't even give me a ticket.

    the minute he left though i was like OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT and drove a safe 65 mph the whole way home.

    you'll be fine as long as you play it safe and smart.

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